Do You Want to Win Tickets and Accommodation to Anarchaforko?


SmartCash are the main sponsor of Anarchaforko, an Anarchist event forked from Anarchapulco’s open source, taking place in Acapulco, February 2018.

With Anarchaforko being a decentralised event for cryptocurrency lovers it will be the perfect place for members of the SmartCash community to come together, meet like-minded individuals and share knowledge, ideas and good times.

To celebrate this exciting event we are giving away Anarchaforko tickets as well as hotel accomodation to a few lucky members of the SmartCash community, giving more people a chance to join the fun!

There Will Be 10 Winners In Total!

The Top 5 winners will receive complimentary hotel accomodation at Copacabana Hotel for February 22nd-26th, AS WELL AS tickets to Anarchaforko.

The remaining 5 winners will receive Anarchaforko tickets!

How Can You Be In With A Chance To Win?

We are looking to reward passionate members of the SmartCash community so to to enter the competition you will need to create either a video or an article on one of the following 5 topics:

1. SmartCash Transaction Cost
2. Confirmation Times
3. SmartCash Merchant Focus
4. SmartCash’s User Friendly Approach (Web Wallet)
5. SmartCash as a Community Centric Cryptocurrency (SmartHive)

If you decide to make a video, then please upload to either Youtube or Dtube. If you choose to write an article, all articles will be considered irrespective of which platform you choose to publish your content.

Once your content has been published online, please comment on this post leaving a link to your video or article so that we can review and choose our winners!

The deadline for this competition is a week from now, to give you time to plan your travel to the event.

Want to come to Anarchaforko but don’t feel you’re up for the challenge of entering a competition?

You can purchase tickets and pay with SMART on the Anarchaforko website There is also a group deal for the Anarchaforko guests at Copacabana hotel, to get your stay at a discounted rate, which you can find out more about in this Steemit post by @lily-da-vine

For more information on Anarchaforko:

Copacabana Hotel:

Learn more about SmartCash:

see this post on Steemit: check out the post on Steemit:


That’s cool! :star_struck:


Can’t wait to see some great content!

#4 here’s my post on the smarthive


Here is my entry for the contest. Thanks again for hosting this contest, and for sponsoring the event as well! As you can tell from my post, I’m geeked for the potential of this currency platform.


Here is my entry! I am so excited for the potential of SmartHive and SmartCash! Is this real life?


Here’s a short and concise guide for the Web Wallet :slight_smile:!

Not sure if this article qualifies but I included a bit about each point in my general guide about SmartCash.



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I hope I’m not too late. Here’s my entry!


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