Does Bitmain mine SmartCash with ASICs?


Hi guys! Looking at the hash rates:

US Pool: 2.54 TH
Europe Pool: 1.64 TH
Asia Pool: 8.38 TH

and consider rather approximate data from: Poll: What part of the World are you from?

The logical question is rising: did BitMain already developed Keccak ASIC miner and happily
mining SmartCash for some time now? Such question comes from several facts. First of all,
BitMain was revealed as mining Monero for almost a year before offering Monero ASIC miners to the buyers. We all now that Monero decided to alter own CryptoNight algorithm.

Also, in the recent past I witnessed ridiculously low priced hash rates of Keccak for sale on Nicehash:

Another thing to notice is rather often automated continuous SmartCash sell-off on some exchanges in small parts for any current offer price for some last weeks. That affects the price severly, not to say that in case Bitmain is really the one to blame, Bitmain would collect a significant amount of SMARTs for future market manipulation.

Finally, current mining profitability rates make it more likely for GPU miners to use dual-mining mode, thus overall hash rate looks too big if there were only individual GPU miners compared to hash rates a couple of months ago.

If so, should we just live with that or should we bother to look into how to alter Keccak algorithm? Should we plan on periodical algorithm change?

This is just a suspicion based on several facts, what do you think?


Is Smartcash such a valuable altcoin for Bitmain to pay attention to it?


If they consider anything promising long-term, they have all the resources to create an ASIC. Although currently it is not a big problem anymore - node owners get larger share of block rewards than classic miners.


Naw. But there are a few other Keccak coins which attract more hashrate to the algorithm lately. ASICS will eventually arrive.