Donate to David Hay's project in Columbia


Maybe you have heard about David Hay’s effort to help Venezuelan refugees in Cucuta, Columbia. Now he is giving laptops to schools in the region.

David Hay is a Youtuber. He recently did a great video about Smartcash. After watching his video, I’m now in the process of setting up a Smartcash node. Anyway, I think it would be great to support his project to help refugees by teaching them how to use crypto and giving some away for free to help kick start the economy. DigiByte has already made a contribution to his effort and David is vocal about the support he has received. It would be good public relations for Smartcash to also be involved.

He has asked for $1950 to buy 30 more laptops. I know he has received some donations towards this already, but I’d like to propose just giving David some Smartcash to use in anyway towards his worthwhile project.


Here’s another video about his project.


Cool maybe someone should start a proposal as a-way of a promotion.
because when we give some money there might be a chance that he will name SmartCash
(I can possibly start a proposal).


If you could that would be great. I’m totally new here, so coming from someone who is more part of the community would be better. I’m sure he would name SmartCash in his Youtube videos. He’s been very vocal about his support from Digibyte. Also I don’t think he has decided on the currency he will use to give to the refugees. That would be huge. He plans to give a lot of money in the form of crypto (he already has funding for that).


I have been talking to engchitchat within the messaging system. we are going to launch the proposal today.
If it passes we will contact David Hay and with help from the SmartCash proposal managers hope to sent it to him, and release the funds.


The proposal has been launched:


I will explain to everyone how I think this process will go when the proposal passes.
We will get in contact with the fund manager of SmartCash, then we will go and try to get David Hay to give a SmartCash address to me or the manager. This will have to be verified in both cases so David hay could tweet it or direct message (on twitter) with a fund manager, (or any other viable option). The plan is that it will be release to David Hay directly. Because I know that the fund manager will not release the funds without proof. And will not trust anyone’s word, at-least I hope so.


Yep. That’s sounds like the best thing to do. I think it’s best to give the funds to David saying that he can use it in anyway towards his project in Cucata. He probably has raised enough for those laptops already. I totally trust him to use the funds towards the project.

If it passes, I’d like to contact David.


Here is a link to their Discord channel. If anyone wants to help with his project, they can get involved here:


Just had an update from the Cucata team:

The team have not made a decision on which coin to use yet. We have completed a lot research on a lot on coins that have potential (including Smartcash), but there’s a lot of work that needs to happen for the project to work, and we felt that until other parts of the project were in place a decision at this point in time is not beneficial.

At the moment the only element of the project we are raising funds for is the distribution of the tablets and supplies for schools in the area, we are not asking for donations for the main distribution project yet. If the Smartcash community are generous enough to help the project with a donation within the next few weeks, I believe the money will be spent on the tablets and school supplies. Hope that helps explain but let me know if you have more questions.