Earthx México. Connecting bussines owners about acepting SmartCash


Hi, I am Erika Montes de oca. I am a chemist who owns an Environmental Health and Safety e-commerce platform.

I am a crypto user, that’s whys I was was an attendant to Talent Land, where met SmartCash from @oucan and @eiky. Do you remember me guys?

A couple of months later, I talked about how to implement it in my business with @AlanisHec. I am still working in how to use it as a reward/loyalty system, just like @abasinkanga is doing with his proposal: SmartCash Reward System Using My Resteem Service On Steemit. All your suggestions are welcome.

I participated with @AlanisHec in the event :smiling_imp: #666 Mexico City digital business summit Expo PYME. My profile photo is from that event. I look good with the SmartCash T-shirt, isn’t it?

I am happy to find in the SmartCash community friends as @cryptoflashing

Now about the event.

EarthX is an international environmental organization that connects a global community to create a sustainable world for all life and future generations. In this event companies and assistants with environmental awareness will meet to have fun learning on conservation and sustainable solutions.

For the first time in 8 years, EarthX leaves Dallas, Texas. Earthx Mexico will take place in November 9th to 11th in Casa del Lago (Lake House) of the Chapultepec Forest. The Chapultepec Forest is one of the most important natural areas of Mexico City.

Its location is ideal, since it is in the heart of the Mexican capital where the most important companies in the country are located. And next to one of the most emblematic avenues in the world, “El Paseo de la Reforma”.

Reforma, in order to activate economic development in the last ten years has become the preferred area to build sustainable and high technology towers, like Mayor Tower, BBVA Tower, Reforma Tower, Diana Tower, New York Life Tower, Mapfre Tower and Reforma Latino Tower. Apparently, to activate the economy a skyscraper must be named “Tower”:thinking:.

The urban forest Chapultepec (which is nahuatl for grasshopper hill) houses a zoo, museums, lakes, cinemas, hotels, restaurants and even a castle!

EarthX Mexico will consist of an expo, an hackathon, conferences and a movie festival.

It is expected the participation of over 100 Non-governmental organizations, 100 exhibitors, 33 movies, 120 speakers (including oceanographic explorer Jean Michel Cousteau, Greenpeace Sea Shepard Paul Watson and Nobel Peace Prize Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri) and over 30,000 assistants.

This makes the EarthX Mexico Expo a great opportunity to
present SmartCash to business owners and their customers. This would connect with a new audience: Non-governmental organizations that could use SmartCash in their efforts, as a method of payment for fundraising.


Concept Quantity Unit price Cost
Transportation 6 $40.00 $240.00
Crew salaries 6 $200.00 $1,200.00
Food for person, (3 days, twice a day) 6 $22.00 $132.00
T-shirts 100 $5.00 $500.00
Booth 2.4 x 2.4 m 1 $812.00 $812.00
Banners 4 $30.00 $120.00
Contingency expenses 1 $300.00 $300.00
Stickers 300 $0.53 $160.00
Digital publicity 1 $200.00 $200.00
Staff T-shirts and cap 6 $25.00 $150.00
Sustainable advertising articles (SmartCash Chocolates) 500 $2.25 $1,125.00
Giveaway products. 20 $12.25 $245.00
Graphic designer 1 $200.00 $200.00
Total $5,384.00

If you agree, SmartCash will be present in the Earthx Mexico hackathon and with a booth in the event. During 3 days we will share with the assistants the benefits of SmartCash, deliver advertising material, and will invite business to use SmartCash.


This would connect with a new audience that have a global mission. Perhaps they could find ways to use SmartCash in their efforts, such as accepting SmartCash as a method of payment for fundraising.

Your proposal looks well thought on in terms of budget and object. I suggest you move it to voting in the next day or two, as you would need time to prepare materials for the event if the proposal passed.

What are these “SmartCash Chocolates”? They sound delicious!


Thanks for the comment, Mark. I will post the proposal soon.

The SmartCash chocolates will be made by “Dilo con Estilo” (Say it with style) which converts any message in chocolate. It is beautiful and delicious.

Since it is a event about sustainability I don’t want to offer any publicity that may generate solid wastes.


It will be perfect if could show how to use the SmartCard, because right now that is our competitive advantage (Porter) with other cryptos. you can contact @ArcherBullseye (Also Discord) for the SmartCards and I can help you with anything you need.


Excelente que la comunidad con posibilidad de representar a Smartcash en mi México crezca. Deberías moverlo a votación tan pronto como sea posible. Por mi parte tengo un taller de impresión y manejo tintas libres de “FTALATOS” por aquello de la toxicidad. Si te llegan a ser útiles mis servicios con gusto puedo apoyarte. Suerte


Thanks @CoachDigi .
I will certainly ask for advise.


Gracias, @RhesusComplex
En este evento quiero que la publicidad sea libre de residuos, pero si puedes imprimir lonas con gusto te contacto.
Ya subí la propuesta a votación el lunes 10, pero aún está pendiente de aprobación.


Soy Chilango viviendo en Cancún así que lo que necesites, no dudes en pedirlo!


Muchas gracias, sin duda lo haré.


I have been away for a while. As I said in the post I am a chemist and I been working developing a recycling bussiness with my own methodology.
This reply is to upload a collage picture about the event.

Since the proposal was not approved, I talked about SmartCash with artisans who assisted at the “Día de Muertos” celebration in my town.
Because I believe that as a part of the SmartCash community, we should do things that strength the community even if our proposal wasn’t approved.
I talked with the artisans because I learned from them the concept of “money”, since they use Tumin, a community currency. That is the reason I easily understood and accepted the use of cryptocurrency.
I had chance to use the hall of the “culture house” but only after the ceremonial dance have finished.I waited for hours while raining. That is why there was such a low concurrence.

I just wanted to share the pics. Yep, I am a idealistic.