Ecommerce Talks 2019 event with SmartCash participation


Ecommerce Talks 2019 event with SmartCash participation

More detailed information about the event (in Portuguese only):
Author: Leandro Lima (

Ecommerce Talks 2019

E-commerce in Brazil grows consistently year after year and was one of the few sectors that continue growing even at the height of the crisis.
With the expectation of the increase of people accessing the Internet, e-commerce is facing one of the best scenarios for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

With more than 200 first-year and 500 participants this year, this event has focus in entrepreneurs, who came from all regions of Brazil.
This is the biggest ecommerce event, focus on dropshipping, in Latin America. Most of the Specialists has more than 1 million dollars of revenue per month.
SmartCash has the unique opportunity to be seen as the most important cryptocurrency in Brazilian ecommerce. For now no other cryptocurrency confirmed presence in the event, so Smartcash has the opportunity to be the only present.

Caio Ferreira - CEO Empreenda Ecommerce;
João Alberto - Criador do Destrave Sua Loja & Nômade Digital
Marcel Fernandes- Idealizador Empreendedor
Express Rafael Martins - Co-Fundador Segredos do Ecom
Rafael Vieira Leal - eCommerce Leader 3M do Brasil
Marcio Eugênio- CEO D Loja Virtual & Simplo7
Viviane Regadas Head of Sales – PagBrasil
Carlos Eduardo Soares - CEO OBABOX
Jonathan Taioba - CPO na Empreenda Ecommerce e Especialista em Copywriting
Bruno Brito - ex-Guru Shopify & CEO Drop Nacional
Fernando Langaro - Co-Fundador Destrave Sua Loja & Dropfácil
Diógenes Soares - Co-Fundador do Dropfácil
Murilo Bevervanso - Idealizador do Canal Vender Global
Matheus - Co-Fundador DS Experts
Gustavo - Co-Fundador DS Experts
Jeff Ecom - Fundador 4EcomEm

The Objective
Promote Smartcash in the Ecommerce Talks 2019 event

One of the events of great importance, led by the CEO of Stratum Brazil.
The proposal defines two ways objectively: Information and opportunity.
We will be present at the event announcing SmartCash as a definitive solution for traders and investors present on the site, segmenting and increasing the flow of new users, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
in this participation we intend to establish the name of SmartCash in the main channels of information keeping alive the flow of news about SmartCash.

It is important to be in the event that connected Smartcash with several sectors in Brazil, to mark presence is to demonstrate that we are engaged in offering what the currency proposes, many entrepreneur in ecommerce market has millions dollars volume, if they move their operation to SmartCash will acelerate mass adoption.
I’ll be wearing the Smartcash shirt to be identified and approached if anyone has any questions.

Expected Results
Public: 500 people
Investors, entrepreneur and engaged in economic disruption. • Leveling of knowledge,
Discussion of market trends,
Presentation of new products and solutions,
Networking with “Ecommerce talks 2019”.

Airline tickets: 300
Transport: 100
Accommodation for 3 days: 200
Meals: 100
Participation in the event: 200

Print materials for dissemination in both events (business cards, flyers, stickers) + T shirts : 200

Total : 1100 USD

Some values are estimated, and will only be paid by hives according to the presentation of the deposits. Such as costs with food and Transport.

I am Leandro Lima. an entrepreneur in Education and Cultural producer, founder of the company 300, I live in São Paulo, São Paulo St, Brazil.
I am an enthusiast in cryptography currencies and a SmartCash investor.
Last year, my company did the “ Decentralized Future” project, , biggest portuguese web series about cryptocurrency.
Thank you.