ELLIPAL Cold Wallet Supports SMART and is doing a big giveaway


To all Smart Cash users! You might already know about us as the air-gapped cold wallet that added support the SMART many months ago. Right now, ELLIPAL is celebrating its 1 Year Anniversary since the first shipping of the ELLIPAL secure cold wallet and is doing a big away.

We are giving away 2 ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet and 3 ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonics!!!

To join the giveaway, simply visit our website:

Find out what is the ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet

About ELLIPAL Titan:

ELLIPAL brings a complete and incredibly secure next-generation cold wallet suitable for all cryptocurrency users. ELLIPAL’s newest cold wallet, the “ELLIPAL Titan” will be the world’s first fully metal sealed and air-gapped cold wallet with mobile support. ELLIPAL’s first-generation cold wallet released in 2018 has quickly received great acclaim from users worldwide and shipped to over 70 countries.

The Cold Wallet:

Hardware wallets nowadays still rely on USB and Bluetooth connection with online devices to work. In definition, these cold storage solutions cannot be called “Cold Wallet” because they are not isolated from online devices at all times. In contrast, ELLIPAL Titan is designed to be incompatible with any online device and deserves the name of “The Cold Wallet”.

About Us:

ELLIPAL Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong and is a blockchain technology company focused on cryptocurrency safety and connectivity.
ELLIPAL’s mission is to link every individual safely and conveniently to the blockchain, providing users with one-stop secure cryptocurrency management services on mobile.