Enabling Constant Circulation through Exclusive SmartCash Merchant Adoption Campaigns: Integrating Mobile Money Merchants and Other Businesses into SmartCash Merchandise in Tamale, Ghana. By: Habib Adams


The fundamental mission of Cryptocurrency (SmartCash) is basically to become money that can be used for daily transactions- purchase of goods and services from both micro and macro levels. However, the easy access and use cases of this currency to everyone is quite a huge determiner to becoming successful with its underlying mission. This proposal therefore seeks to make the access to SmartCash to people of all classes very easy, through the integration of mobile money merchants in public places to provide SmartCash buy/sell services to customers. However, this will be in vain, after access to SmartCash is guaranteed and there is no place to spend it in our daily lives. The proposal therefore further seeks to bring Hotels of international standard as well as other businesses on board to accept SmartCash as a payment mode in the City of Tamale. This is in fulfilment of the target of the Discover SmartCash Site ( https//find.smartcash.cc )

Hi Fellow Smarty’s
Habib Adams is my name, known as Cryptoshot on SmartCash discord, @HabibAd49 on twitter, and Habib Ibn Adams Wunzalgu on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/habib.i.adams ). I am a crypto enthusiast, green/digital promoter, a development Planner by profession (with a Degree in Bsc. Planning). I got myself involved in the SmartCash revolution since 2017, but started participating actively in February 2018, after a thorough study of the SmartCash concept. Since then, I have organized about 2 standard meet-ups on SmartCash for newbies from my own pocket, due to the passion I have for this project ( https://youtu.be/q4hqWTPr3D0 ). Aside this, I have also helped @Cryptowall55 to execute some key projects for SmartCash, as I have participated in radio interviews on SmartCash and served as a Master of Ceremony in several conferences for SmartCash, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxI_2ueaUMY ). Also, I have offered one-on-one discussion services on SmartCash to people that wanted to get involved in the revolution. I have also for all these time, dedicated myself to making access to SmartCash easy for people through offering buy/sell services to people who are skeptical about online merchants. Over the period, I have gathered a lot of experience through my interaction with all these people, which gave me enough confidence to now proof my worth openly to the SmartCash community through this proposal.


The business need this project addresses:

It is an obvious fact that Smartcash outreach ambassadors have done a solid job by conveying the biggest opportunity to majority of people across the globe, with Ghana being no exception, as they have been a persistent penetration of Smartcash due to the various conferences, radio and T.V discussions on Smartcash, which have led it to wage a dominance in the Ghanaian and African crypto market. The output of the efforts of the various Smartcash ambassadors activities in the country has provoke the demand and utility of customers for SmartCash. But the questions arising now are “is SmartCash easily accessible to the layman? And is there any utility for the holders or users of smartcash? Where can they spend smartcash?”
It is obvious that in Ghana, many people are demanding for SmartCash as those who are already holding are also in the quest to find basic utility for it. However, the supply of SmartCash is not consistent to the layman who is skeptical about online transactions. Meanwhile, these people are the dominance cohort of the business sector in Africa and Ghana to be specific. So there is the need to solve this problem of inconsistent supply through the familiar traditional mode of transaction to this larger proportion of potential SmartCash investors and users.
The other problem has to with utility; those who are already holding SmartCash and those who are yet to get enrolled are both asking of places where to expend SmartCash in their daily trading activities. But this has been something missing in rampant description.


One of our intentions is to integrate mobile money exchange services (BUY/SELL) into SmartCash to ensure easy access to SmartCash by the layman. Also, businesses such as; Electronics, clothing, cosmetics, food & drinks shops that the users of SmartCash have market interactions with and are at vantage points will also be brought on board to accept SmartCash as a payment system in order to hunt down the utility problem. We also seek to incorporate hotels into the acceptance of SmartCash as part of their payment systems (as I derived this inspiration when I went to a hotel with my SmartCash T-SHIRT, and the interest of the hotel was spiked after I was asked by someone to take them through the SmartCash concept and its impacts on businesses that accept SmartCash as a payment mode). We therefore intend to enroll that hotel and other ones into the acceptance of SmartCash to add them to the Discover SmartCash Website). Users of SmartCash in Ghana and beyond can therefore access the on-boarded SmartCash merchant hotels and businesses and pay with SmartCash.
All these are in focus to further deepen the merchant system and utility case of SmartCash across the globe. Since having SmartCash is not enough until the usage platform is made available at all places.
The above are therefore, represents the solution we want to achieve to help make SmartCash the number one crypto in the cryptospace in Ghana and the world at large.

The implementation process

The successful execution of every project, largely depends on a formidable team. Therefore, I have constituted a result oriented and provoking team that will ensure every possible task that needs achieving is put to trap, following the activities below;

  1. We shall conduct a survey to generate a database on the target groups captured in this project.
  2. After the first stage, we shall then organize a training and education session on the SmartCash concept, wallet and exchange operations for the merchants and businesses.
  3. Acquisition of the various operational logistics to selected merchants and businesses. Such logistics include, mobile devices, stickers/fliers, erected QR code standers and record books.
  4. Registration of the selected businesses and merchants on the Discover SmartCash Site. ( https//find.smartcash.cc )
  5. Organize a Radio programme to inform the general public about the existence of the various mobile money merchants for SmartCash services, the businesses and the hotels that accept SmartCash as payment mode. This shall also be used to inform more businesses and the general public on the benefits of accepting SmartCash as a digital currency for the century.

Why will they agree to integrate and accept SmartCash into their businesses?

Some of the incentives and measures that will be put in place to encourage or convince them to accept the provision of SmartCash merchant services are as follows;

  1. A cover fund will be set for them, to ensure they do not run at a lost due to price volatility, whilst educating them on how to escape greater losses as service providers. However, the cover will span as a temporary measure till they themselves are well equipped on how to evade losses from price instability. With the cover, these proposal will set a cover fund aside, which will be used to compensate merchants that will run a deeper lost in a day due to price instability. This will not just be done anyhow, as we will set a standard of merit for the cover fund. Example, let’s say from the beginning of daily transactions, a merchant offered services or sold items up to a cost of $500, but due to price instability, he losses $20 by the end of the day; then we will go to him upon request, to check out the details of his transactions, and then pay a cover on the lost to him, either in Fiat or SMART.
  2. Also, we will make sure the vendors are given commission base on the transactions they record either daily, weekly or monthly for a period of time. The commission here is different from the cover, as the cover is in place to ensure they don’t run at greater losses, the commission is to motivate them to keep providing services for SmartCash.
  3. Again, their buy and sell rate will go at different levels to ensure they get some profit for offering their services. For instance, mobile money merchants will be given a price ceiling at which they should buy SmartCash from customers, as well as how much they should sell to customers, and this notice will be printed in large stickers and pasted at their various vendor points to the access of customers to avoid exploitation.
  4. They will also be given the mobile devices required for the service operations
  5. The businesses and Hotels stand a greater chance of gaining international exposure for accepting SmartCash; as they will be registered on the discover SmartCash website. This will attract both foreign visitors and local users of SmartCash to patronize their services for accepting SmartCash, which makes payment easy for them
  6. Regarding security of their wallets, they shall be taking through all the needed wallet security/safety settings during the training session
  7. On how they can convert SmartCash into fiat; during the workshop training, they shall be taken through how to convert SmartCash into fiat through the local online merchant service providers such as ebitcoinics.com. Also, the other businesses and Hotels can sell their SmartCash received to the various mobile money merchants that will be enrolled.
  8. Also, I am going to further reposition myself to offering mass buy/sell services to both the mobile money merchants and the hotels and businesses that are will not like to sell to the online merchants

Timeline for the Project
We intend to use three weeks to execute this project to the fullest, as outlined below;

1st Week: Embarking on merchants’ database generation survey, design/printing and purchasing of the needed logistics (Stickers, fliers, banner, POS QR code stander and mobile devices.

2nd Week: Education and training session organized, and registration of selected merchants and businesses on Discover SmartCash website
3rd Week: Radio programme to be organized

Proposal budget

Cost of Transport and refreshment for the team members = $100

Cost of conference room for the education and training session = $250

Cost of Refreshment/food for participants = $160

Cost of printing SmartCash T-shirts = $150

Cost of printing fliers, banner, stickers, and POS QR code stander = = $130

Cost of transaction devices; mobile phones ( x5) = $500

Cost of radio programme = $300

SmartCash Tokens for participants = $100

Cost of cover fund for merchants for the first two months of operation = $350

Contingency (5%) = $95

Photographer/cameraman = $50


Therefore, we are asking for $ 2287 equivalent in SmartCash (Σ49, 182) at market price of 0.047cents, to execute this project.


Updates on every achieved target will be made available on SmartCash Discord

Registration of the various merchants and businesses on Discover SmartCash.

Pictures and videos of the various activities such as Survey, training/education workshop and radio programme shall be uploaded to various SmartCash platforms, twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


greetings to all Smarty’s, as part of our quest to further deepen the decentralized revolution that SmartCash is waging, in order to bring a new face to the fanacial and economic systems of the world, i intend to implement this project in order to hunt down the inconsistent “convenient supply” and “less utility” cases of SmartCash in Ghana, Tamale. Please kindly go through this pre-proposal and see whether it worth a shot. Please feel free to rain the necessary inputs as that will help to reposition me in crafting the proposal to perfection. Thank you


Sounds like a great mission brother. I support.