Ethereum Hardfork coming on september 2017


I translated the meaning of hardfork easily as follows
Electric plug with cable ,there are additional plugs where the plugs are used for 2-3 tools we use daily.

Mid or late september hardfork will re-occur
This time it is hardfork to ethereum.

As we look at the recent hardfork (bitcoin hardfork)
there are 3 phases
1. the price before hardfork will decrease drastically
2. New coins will rise significantly
3. the price returned to normal follow the price of other coin prices will be stable again

But this time not bitcoin but ethereum
So guess what will happen
whether it would be like a hardfork happen to bitcoin or its reverse

I do not want to guess
I will keep abreast of developments in the marketplace
What do you think ?
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It’s a hard fork but it doesn’t mean the blockchain will split?