Event Universidad del Sur – Learn about the Blockchain and SmartCash


Pre-proposal: Event Universidad del Sur – Learn about the Blockchain and SmartCash.

Amount: 6000 USD / SmartCash equivalent.
Timeline: Two weeks, Monday, May 28 to Friday, June 8, 2018.
Total hours expected for project to complete: 18 hours.

Proposal goal: Create a student community specialized in different areas, consolidate it with SmartCash community and in the long term, contribute ideas and projects that benefit SmartCash.

Who Am I? What do I bring to table and what’s my goal here? + My current/Past SmartCash related experience.

My name is Mariluna de la Concha @marilunabella4, I’m a Venezuelan, Systems Engineer and I live in Mexico, I entered the world of cryptocurrencies around 3 years ago, and I fell in love with SmartCash, it is a very attractive crypto for beginners and for crypto enthusiasts. Everyone can see me on my social networks, YouTube and Steemit, where I appear as @marilunabella4. The world of cryptos is my passion.

I’m Michelle Sunza aka @mich.sunza, Business Development and Innovation Engineer. I like vegetarian food, writing, photography, research, languages and internationalization.
I have been involved with cryptocurrencies since August 2017. And 100% with SmartCash since January, supporting @Oucan in the Smart Fridays and working in the Talent Land event, on the administration of human resources and providing the workshop “Integration to the community of SmartCash, design and development of proposals”.

Deliverables / Job description of the proposal.

The event will be held at the Universidad del Sur, in the city of Cancún, in Mexico.

The educational model encourages students to discover their technological potential, to capitalize on their personal strengths through the development of skills and improvement, so that they can perform fully in different areas of their lives. Thus, it has been divided into two sections:

A. Blockchain and SmartCash conference. Theoretical part.
B. Workshops aimed at various specialties. Practical part.
Taught by a team of six people.

A planning of the topics to be discussed in the Blockchain and SmartCash Event is established:

A. Conference: Learn about Blockchain and SmartCash.
Duration: 3:30 hours.
Date: Monday, May 28, 2018.
Place: Auditorium of the Universidad del Sur, with a capacity of 400 attendees.
For Students and public in general.

  1. Introduction to the Blockchain Technology. Speaker: Lic. George Crewe
  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • When to use it?
  • Why use it?
  • Where to apply it?
  • Questions and answers section. 10 minutes.

2.Fintech Law in Mexico. Speaker: Eng. Saul Quiñones

  • Blockchain types and their applications.
  • What is it?
  • Advantages and disadvantages in the following organisms:
  • The schools
  • The government
  • Questions and answers section - 10 minutes
  1. Pause 30 minutes. Time for the Coffee Break.

  2. Learn about SmartCash. Speaker: Eng. Omar Ucan

  • What is a Cryptocurrency?
  • What is SmartCash?
  • Characteristics
  • Its benefits
  • Community Projects
  • 2018 SmartCash Roadmap
  • Questions and answers section. 10 minutes

Smart Cash booth.
Duration: 2 hours. After the event.
It is a face to face space for the student where they will solve their doubts, and help will be provided in any of the topics. There will also be dynamics to get t-shirts, keyrings and SmartCash. The dynamics will allow the student to interact with the SmartCash community.
The most important thing is to put the theory into practice, thats why we have considered workshops aimed at student fields.

B. Workshops aimed at various specialties.
Duration: 10 total hours. 2 hours for each workshop.
Date: Tuesday, May 29 to Friday, June 8, 2018.
Place: Classrooms of the Universidad del Sur, with a capacity of 30 attendees per workshop.
For Students.

  1. Financial: Opening your wallet + purchase and sale. Taught by: Eng. Mariluna de la Concha and Eng. Michelle Sunza.
  2. Fintech Law in Mexico. Taught by: Eng. Saul Quiñones
  3. Systems and networks: SmartNodes and Mining. Taught by: Eng. Abelardo Dzib and Eng. Mariluna de la Concha.
  4. International transactions: Remittance mode. Taught by: Eng. Mariluna de la Concha.
  5. Entrepreneurs - Integration into the Community, Design and Development for SmartCash Proposals. Taught by: Eng. Michelle Sunza and Eng. Omar Ucan.
  6. 15 minutes break. Time for the Coffee Break.

Event Breakdown

I invite you to watch my video, where I give details of the event …
100% SmartCash + Talk 300 people

Possible FAQ’s
What are the possibilities in the future of continuing to work with Universities?
We are working to propose in other Universities in the region.

What kind of promotion you will use?
The event will be promoted through social networks: Facebook and official SmartCash Twitter in Mexico. Additionally, flyers will be used to invite the student community and the public in general.

Why did you choose those speakers?
For their great contribution in the promotion of cryptocurrencies in the region and their specialization in next subjects:

  • Saul Quiñones is one of the most important financial analysts in Cancún talking about cryptocurrencies, involved in issues of the Fintech Law. (radio and print interviews).
  • George Crewe is a pioneer in the promotion of Blockchain technology in Cancun.
  • Omar Ucan, SmartCash Ambassador in Mexico, initiator of the Smart Fridays and the Talent Land 2018 proposal.
  • Abelardo Dzib is an engineer in systems and information technologies, specializing in Smart Nodes configuration and technical support.

With this proposal we will have a positive impact on the SmartCash community. Focused on the students, since, education in Mexico does not include this type of topics. First, it is important to inform about technology and what it represents in the future. And, second, that university students in different fields are given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, their versatility and, in the short term, the improvement of work teams for proposals and ideas in the community.


I really like how you ordered the idea!

I hope you succeed in the voting process.

Now my recommendation and question is, Will a Smartcash society or group be formed in your region from the event? It would be very interesting to have different ambassadors around the world


There are already people and smartcash communities in many parts of the world and what is, that in Mexico are already meeting in several states, as in Venezuela.
We want this event to be the pilot, so that we do not push ourselves to follow other academies and universities. Thank you very much for your good wishes, Soon I will adjust the video where you specify my ideas a bit …


Thanks a lot for the invitation @marilunabella4 and @mich.sunza . Im happy to see your ideas and goals materialized. Pure positive vibes.


Yeah. Very professional way and very detailed. Im also with you into seeing more active members of the community working in Mexico for education and mass adoption. But also invite the whole community into this ideas. Organizing a meet up with family and friends. Teach them about this distuptive technologie. There is a lot of ways to contribute in the smartcash community.


Thanks for the support @disruptgab, The idea of bringing smartcash to students is to share the blockchain technology so that more people get involved. Here at the university has not yet considered formalizing a SmartCash community so as not to create centralization, but if we want to have it as a goal.

The people involved in this event, we are very excited and committed, we want the community to continue growing, and for this reason we offer workshops after the conference where we will explain not only to open a wallet and use the crytocurrency; but also to enter into official channels of Smartcash to create new proposals for the benefit of the hive.


I recomend you tu put a Summary of the budget in the Forum, so we don´t have to open the Breakdown to se the budget.


Excelente Propuesta… ya tienen mis votos… :sonrojo::call_me_hand:t2:


Thank you! It’s done! :blush:


Thanks for accepting ! :blush: It’s so important for us have the participation of professional people in these themes. :clap:


Thanks for supporting this effort to introduce mexican students to this new technology. Even though students are exposed to technologies like mobiles tablets and Youtube, they are not very much exposed to cryptocurrency. Sharing blockchain technology along Smartcash bring us the great opportunity to expand this network in the south of Mexico.

Thank you again.


I really like the idea of having different workshops after the main conference. New users can feel overloaded after a conference and this way, attendees can put into practice what they heard before.


  • How many attendees do you expect for the main event on May 28?

  • Can anyone attend or it is just for students of that university?

  • What is the ultimate goal of this project?
    Provide information about Blockchain Technology, grow the Smart Cash community in Cancun, Invite new members to participate in the governing system and submit ideas to the Smart community, invite new investors?


Thank you first of all for being interested in our proposal.
The event is intended for 300 people including students of the University and public in general. Assistance is being recorded through the social networks of Smartcash Mexico.

The goal is to include more people to the Blockchain technology, we will teach how to use the cryptomoney for the purpose of growing the community.

I hope I have answered your questions.
I invite you to continue listening to the progress of this event and to support the proposal.


I like the idea and how was organized, count with my votes. Try to create a community inside the University and push to create a local cryptomarket within the students.


My opinion is that 20 T-Shirts and 50 hats is short for 300 attendees. Maybe you could give every student a shirt/hat, so they can use it in the university and and have more impact, also make them publish a photo of them with the Shirt/cap in Social Media. This way we can take advantage of the 300 studentes (in a mkting way) and not only 70 students.

Lets make this a great proposal. Good work!!!


Thanks for your support. And it is our goal to make students fall in love with this technology … We are committed to achieving this community.


Thank you very much @coach for your suggestion, we will consider your comment before putting the proposal. we look forward to your support


I agree with Coach, swag & social media works beautifully. If all students could get some, it would be great.


I also totally agree with you, but I am starting with the subject of the proposals and I do not have the suffix of the basis for the event by my own means, since the payment in the main part is made after the approval and the execution of the proposal … For the next event I will take your observations into account. we already have a new application that continues to work with smartcash, it will not be the only conference. and the amount of hats requested was 100 in total that will be distributed in different dynamics scheduled with the university.
Thank you for being aware of our proposal, I invite you to follow it in your voting process


Yeah, voting. Let´s do it!