Events Funding and Marketing


Over the years, there has been a lot cryptocurrency, Fintech and blockchain events that go on in some countries in Africa where cryptocurrency is gaining root. From anecdotal reports, at least four events( blockchain, fintech or cryptocurrency) are organized every year in most of the countries in Africa. After doing some research we realized SmartCash don’t have speakers or are not sponsors of such events that are mostly used to build connections between the people and key industry players/ stakeholders. I, therefore, proposed for an event plan that will:

  1. Expand SmartCash into Francophone countries in Africa and other countries in Africa where the seed of SmartCash in Africa have not been sow at all.

  2. Maintain SmartCash presence in Africa

  3. Enable approved spokespersons to present relevant topics at high-level conferences across the region of Africa throughout the year and years to come and

  4. To re-vitalize the Africa community of SmartCash

Although, of late, various attempts by most Africa community members to pass proposal to continue the good work they are doing for SmartCash in Africa has failed. There is still value in maintaining smaller event presence:

  1. It sends a signal that SmartCash is still active and strong in Africa.

  2. Increase awareness of SmartCash in new and existing geographies in Africa.

  3. Leverage on the event organizers works to yield further media coverage.

  4. As other projects die off or avoid events, it allows SmartCash to standout and elicits a second look from the ecosystem to explain why SmartCash is a community-directed digital currency.

  5. It generates content for social media an opportunity for us to promote software releases or other news.

  6. It enables community members to get together ideate and build rapport.

I propose two types of event attendance:

  1. Events where smartcash would exhibit/speak

  2. Quality conferences where smartcash would like to submit for and win speaking spots on merit. This would bring SmartCash ambassadors to a wider set of conferences and position the project as experts on such things as consensus systems, governance, a new way to organize the workplace, and so on.

    For the first type, I propose we exhibit at one, large, crypto-focused event in each of Africa sub-regions(West, South, Central and North Africa) throughout the year. I considered including explicit events here, but arrangements have not yet been finalized (without the SmartCash community approval) and I’d prefer we not cede negotiating power. Examples of this type of event include:


Africa blockchain conference


Seamless Africa

[](http://Ghana blockchain)



Luno Nigeria

Africa-Tech summit

Fin- Africa

Side note: Many of these events are not planned more than 4-6 months out, so we lack full visibility into possible events throughout the year.

Budget for such events we shall add soon since we are doing detail analysis and research about all events that are organized throughout the year and the particular ones we would have to attend. This budgeting is based upon historical precedent that includes the cost of sponsorship, travel expenses, and ambassador hours

For the second part, I present a list of vetted conferences with dates, location, and call for all SmartCash members who are ready to attend such events to submit their name and a short video of them talking about SmartCash. Approved speakers (explained in the who section) will have the opportunity to apply for speaking spots at these conferences and know they are funded for travel and time.

It is preferred, and necessary, that proposals be shared with smarthive team and in the outreach channel room on discord in advance. We shall contact individuals both on discord and outside discord who have experience drafting proposals of this sort and are eager to help improve smartcash chances of winning speaking slots.

Notes: Intercontinental travel would require special dispensation/approval due to the cost of flights. New events of similar quality can be added to this list, as well as topics as they become relevant to SmartCash

Final decisions on large conference attendance will be decided by the proposal owner with input from a wide range of the community. The Smartcash team for each conference will be comprised as much as possible of local community members and preference shall be given to those whose travel costs are lower. Decisions shall be made on final roster by the proposal owner in the Outreach channel room with input from the community.

For speaking opportunities, community members should be well known within the community and speak on topics relevant to SmartCash in a way that positions Smartcash as a thought leader in the crypto space. Speakers should have experience addressing crowds and doing interviews.

This is an idea I have to promote SmartCash in Africa, All contributions, corrections and comments are welcome. Full cooperation of all smarties can help us to better the proposal before it go live for voting #letswintogether


This proposal has the potential of maintaining the SmartCash presence in Africa countries. Is a nice idea and I am looking forward for you to develop it well like adding event date, time and venue also add budget for the community to see if they can fund it since events sponsorship and other stuffs concerning events comes with steep cost. Revitalizing the Africa smartcash community is very key and I believe such proposal can help fuel such agenda.


Thanks so much Skincrypto for showing great concern in this proposal. I shall develop it to the best and add all the necessary detail information to make it great. #letswintogether