Example of a Pre-Proposal Discussion, What it is & Why you should use it


Afternoon everyone,

The point of this post is to provide an every expanding guideline on a few things related to proposals and what we would like to see as a community before just throwing yes votes at people in hopes we make the most out of the funds and not just flat out trust them based on very little information.

With that being said, we HIGHLY encourage everyone who wants to submit proposals to create a thread here prior to the proposal hitting the market where you would lay out the general idea, get some initial feedback, work with the overall community on any concerns with the proposal prior to submitting it to a vote.

If a user submits proposals without doing these steps, the likeliness the proposal will pass are drastically lowered, so be sure to go through all the proper steps to keep the community informed prior to going forward with any requests for funding.

Example Layout:

Amount: 175 SmartCash
Timeline: State your relative timeline.
Total Hours expected for project to complete:
Proposal Goal: State a summary of your goal**

Who Am I? What do I bring to the table & whats my goal here? Who are you? What are your credentials? Why are you qualified for SmartHive funding?

Deliverables/Job description of the proposal. Ideally it will be itemized. What are you doing? be specific. How much does it cost? Why?

My Current/Past SmartCash related experience: Your SmartCash Resume.

Possible FAQs: Assume there will be questions, get them out of the way if you can ahead of time and/or update this thread as you answer them so people don’t need to hunt down the answers.

Conclusions: Wrap up everything and tie it in a nice bow.

Thanks everyone! Let us know if you have any questions.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Submit a Proposal for SmartHive (by @Hannahlicious)
French translation of the website
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Okay, quite a good idea


Heyy, thanks for all the info and context - - Look out for something soon! #pioneers :sunglasses:


Nice of you laying this out D. Will use it on my next pre-proposal.