Expanding the smartcash network to Vietnam Proposal


Help to Expanding the smartcash network to Vietnam by translate smartcash.cc to Vietnamese. Build and manage community Page in Facebook by Vietnamese to support VietNam People. Increasing VietNam miner to come


I love Vietnam. SmartCash should consider this proposal seriously. Its easy to use USD directly without exchanging to local currency in Vietnam. Its a great place to start SmartCash Expansion.


Personally I would prefer if we target one college/university in Vietnam. Either in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.


Next step we will organise Meetup in HaNoi and Ho chi Minh City


This sounds like a great idea!


@hoangton This may be a great idea but it’s very light on details. I’d like to see more specifics.


I do also don’t see detailed budget plan while we already see voting for proposal

with 50000 Smart budget requested. Hoangton, please clarify how funds will be alocated, present roadmap and expenses.

Otherwise it looks unfair for other translation and promotion groups. I’d also like to know why this project met backup with voters with 3221104, 1500000, 1059440 and 1730717 Smarts on accounts while it is so light on details (dates and work volume).

Organising multilingual translation process


My idea are to increase branch of smartcash in Vietnamese Community:

  1. Translate some importance content (article, website) to Vietnamese

  2. Create Facebook Page, group to discuss with Vietnamese about SmartCash. Posting content to some active Cryptocurency Vietnamese Community

  3. in case we sill have fund will make event ( coffee talk about SmartCash ) ==> this good for brand but not reach more people as in social network

Base on fund the number of article will translate or posting.

P/s: Please note right now although don’t have fund i still posting content about SmartCash in my Community



Thank you for the answer! I understand the idea behind the proposal and what it wants to implement. I’m asking on description how working process would be organised and how reports on fulfilled work would be presented. Obviously, funds should be used efficiently. In order to do so, certain reward structure for the contributors along with quality assurance should be introduced. Estimation on work volume, number of people involved and expected time frame should be presented.

Here is a simple example. You can not say that I’m going to promote SmartCash by giving leaflets to peope on the streets without explaining that leaflet design would cost X Smarts, printing would cost Y Smarts, I’m going to hire Z people to work N days under certain supervision and present reports on whole working process. All you are saying now (in this example) is that you are going to distribute leaflets while funding is available. I think the community has the right to know numbers in detail.

Please have a look at suggested proposal layout:

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Is the SmartCash voting system right?
Bad translation website into Russian

I think these are pertinent questions, which were never answered despite the proposal being approved.

@hoangton any chance you can enlighten us?

I assume there is protocol in place that prevents access to funds without prior proof of achievements?


I just start with small step by creating a community page where i put some importance news about smartcash here

I will not take fund when i do nothing, i promise


Hi, i’m filling the Proposal Budget from @slpin but after i become Hive member so i think Expanding the smartcash network to Vietnam is my duty, my job so i can’t take money from that.

Can i discard this Proposal?

I will still building community for Vietnamese people: Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Medium, steemit, linkedin,bitcointalk, …

Thank for all people voting for me