Faucets, Give-aways, Freecoins


I wanted to start a thread for those who are into faucets and free coins. this way we can spread the wealth and help get ourselves refferals as well. Now, i have a list of about 30 that i will go through when i am bored,but i wont spam you all with them. I mainly want to see which ones you all use… do you have hidden secret ones that arent that popular but pay well? do you run one and would like some more users? are you completely lost when someone mentions a crypto faucet and would like more explanation? maybe you even have some hints for those that do use them. also, the giveaways… gotta love the giveaways!!! if you find one let us all know!! im sure most of us would be glad get paid some free coins just for doing simple tasks or what not.

post all that stuff here and lets make some coin!!!


i will post one… this is a slow builder… you just sign up… they give you some coins in their online wallet. you earn a percentage daily on those coins… its just staking but you dont have to buy anything… chck it out… let me know if any issues or questions



I heard about SmartCash through a giveaway haha

Here’s my latest list of all the airdrops and giveaways for September (that don’t make you jump through a million hoops or own random coins). https://steemit.com/giveaway/@sixexgames/free-crypto-airdrops-and-giveaways-september-15th-update

And if you or anyone is interested, I’ve started a group on facebook where you can post about freebies. https://www.facebook.com/groups/freecrypto


sweet!!! just sent the request to join… always here to support!!!


Ok, I just approved you!



i’m new in this forum.

CBST ICO Info + 150 Free Coin Airdrop

I would like to share this link and some info about this coin, of which I hold a small number. i’m not the owner or an affiliate or employee or company manager. i do invest and work a bunch with crypto projects, and i really like this coin.

Please Do Your Own Research. I am not giving any financial advice here. I am just sharing info that may be (and i hope it is) useful to you.

https://cybersmartcoin.com is the home page of Cyber Smart Coin (CBST) and they are having an ICO and Aidrop Now Through June 15.

The coin currently costs a dime. So you can purchase a bunch, if you want to.

And, every new signup during this ICO stage gets 150 Free Coins.

They work and trade 24/7, and share their profits.

“As in the financial world motto “TRADE SMARTER!”, Cyber Smart coin is oriented in making profits, share ideas and have the financial benefits of the most “explosive market” in the XXI century. … Cyber Smart Coin is a token based on the ERC20 consensus mechanism. CBST is committed to provide decentralized services based on asset in order to build an open ecosystem in which digital value can be circulated freely. CBST is the token used on Cyber Smart NETWORK and can be used to exchange any crypto-currency because we will build our own CRYPTO-COINS EXCHANGE in October - November 2018 (will start with BTC and ETH and USDT).” – from the site.

More about the project, including the White Paper, is on the website.
And i repeat, Do Your Own Research!


Some things are never changing. Referral systems, new coins, web wallets with high and good defense. Even though we still have to pay with our debit cards in supermarkets and worry that some people (even ordinary passers-by) may scam us and our payments.

Why am I writing this? Sorry, I do not know. Just wanted to share some of my thoughts. And yeah, I am sorry for being a possible “necrobot”.

Actually, I have a dream: to create a game where people could put and take money out. Some things are already working with games like CS:GO or World of Warcraft. Especially when players are ordering boosting services with the help of hotgear.eu/us or anything else (name yourself).

Who knows, maybe in one day we all will find our own nishe with money and good financial situation :3