Favicon for Forum WebSite


Hello guys, it would be nice if the Forum website had a Favicon like the official SmartCash website. It would give a better image of the site, I mean a professional image. What do you guys think?


I think the same favicon would be fine, though another different color gamut would make it easier to distinguish the forum page from other SmartCash pages like voting, main site, web wallet or mining pool.


Good post and good eye! I’m not sure why I never noticed the lack of a favicon for our site. I went ahead and made a series of favicons and sent them over to alexander our master of webs ;p He may decide to use them or just make better ones himself but I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing favicons in our near future :slight_smile:


Thanks! I will follow up and I hope we have a favicon soon!



We do have that.


Did Alexander create the smartcash logo? I’m looking for ideally the vector logo file as I want to print some items. I already created a thread but no luck yet and running out of time. :slight_smile:


Yeah it desperately needs one lmao


Lets fix it as its not working for me


Not working for me either


Me too favicon not working!


I am using Chrome browser though I am not sure when was the last time I updated it.

I see this Favicon just fine in my explorer.


Hello, I was out and i´m glad to see that now the forum web page has its own favicon. Awesome!!