(FINISHED) Introducing the Incentivized Ambassador Program! Got skills? Help us grow & get paid!


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I wanted to take a second to layout something we’ve been discussing this week that we feel will not only help the growth of our beloved currency, but also help those who are putting in the effort on our behalf as well.

The Incentivized Ambassador Program:

What it is: A mechanism to help reward the folks who put in hard work creating content on our behalf.
What it is NOT: A free money hose for cheap, quick content.
How much do I get? Depends on the quality, length, effort level of each item submitted.
How do I get paid? We will manually review content submissions and will pay our addresses within the content/posts/videos with tips. If you have a larger following, we will pay you more, if you put in a large amount of work, we will pay you more. And so on and so forth.
What are the requirements?

  1. Content MUST link back to www.smartcash.cc and be clickable, even youtube videos can do this.
  2. Content MUST contain a SmartCash address at the bottom for payment.
  3. Content MUST be submitted to us using this form.
  4. Your content MUST be longer than 100 words and/or longer than 30 seconds for video or audio.
  5. We reserve the right to not reward tokens to content we deem poor, stolen or overall bad.

Approved Sources:

Additional Sources we MAY consider:
Your personal blog. (traffic data would help!)
Your twitter account (if you have ALOT of followers this is alright)
Your music accounts if you so choose to go that route.
Misc accounts on a per submission basis.

Where do I submit my content for review & payment?
Fill out the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/uNBDQTRGU2359b5V2

When do I get paid? Is there a limit?
You will get paid whenever the content is checked in by one of our team members and payment will be based upon factors such as length, views, quality, effort levels & knowledge. There is no limit to the amount of submissions.

The SmartCash team is looking for a Chinese & English speaking ambassador!
How can I help?
SmartNode$ Rules (idea)

Form has been made! Start your content creating, and submissions!

Google Forms - SmartCash Ambassador Content

Feel free to ask questions and or ask for help in this thread!

How to be an effective 'Hive Member'. Looking for something to do? Here's a list of things ANYONE can help with

Payments have just gone out for week #2. Was a bit late due to being busy IRL past few days but it timed up nicely with SmartRewards check tomorrow anyways…

Until next week! Thanks to everyone who submitted content!


Thank you @Decentralizd


Can this be submitted for prior content, ?

Like my learning crypto with smartcash steemit series 1 and 2 ? for example ? silly me just thought that if i used the @smartcash category on steemit, it would just be sorted somehow :frowning:


I know if I’ve paid articles already so go for it…


Is there a place we can use if we want to check out “chunks of an article” for technical correctness before we post them.

My upcomming article “Smartcash Money Magnet Investment Strategy” outlines using Smartrewards, and Mining, in a specific way to ensure the highest month to month compounding increase in funds.

but when i get to the examples of how smartrewards work, then how smartrewards with mining, to illustrate the strategy, i wanted to ensure it was correct assumption before i post it ???


Ping folks such as @solarminer and @juicyg for now were working on an informational portal and wiki.


Just did another round of payments! Will do the next round in roughly 10 days!

Thanks to everyone contributing content, its very helpful!


Thank you Sir recieved just now

pinned #11


Just paid out over 10,000 SmartCash to our wonderful Ambassadors, thanks for all the submissions guys that was the biggest payout to date!

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Hi all,

I am new to the community, i would like to know,
I filled out this form

What do I need to do?



Will do around of payments this evening, just so everyone knows! We had a slow week of entries so I waited a few extra days this time.


Thank you for making such an awesome program to give people the opportunity to earn SmartCash by blogging, I think this is a great way to promote the neophyte cryptocurrency. Cheers.


What the hell did I just click?


This is a heavily trafficked and heavily add laden web site with many users
it is a conspiracy website
please be forewarned my apologies
Cryptocurrency and ICOs are often discussed at length there


should i post the direct link to the thread? or just apologize lol


I just saw a big account sign up wall, some penises and so on so I deleted it lol, feel free to link the thread directly if those ads are not present, otherwise you can DM it to me no need for apologies just dont want people ending up there who may be upset at the ads.


Here is a direct link to this forum and thread. Please be warned about the adds they can be offensive at times.
It is focused on Smartcash
Come help me spread the smart word if you like