(FINISHED) Introducing the Incentivized Ambassador Program! Got skills? Help us grow & get paid!


Acredito que você fale Português.

Bom,é só esperar ,eles irão revisar seu trabalho e pagar de acordo.


OLa GamBit.coin , eu falo sim, tudo bem com você? obrigado por responder!


Estou bem obrigado,e com você?

Fico feliz em ajudar,já que estou a mais tempo na comunidade,se precisar de alguma ajuda é só perguntar numa mensagem privada.



So when and how would we know if we were winners?


For the sake of transparency, can you post winners and links so we can see what kind of content styles and information best helps promote the SmartCash brand?


Everyone wins I just haven’t done this round of payouts yet I was traveling and playing catch up now



More woots to make 20 characters!


Is this still ongoing thank you >?


I imagine as long as the thread is active and the form is up this will be valid and they will make payments.

#SmartCash. Программа Smart Cash Ambassador прибыла и живет! Получайте деньги, чтобы писать, создавать и записывать контент! (Steemit / Medium / YouTube / Vimeo / Reddit)

Ideas are keep coming to my head but I dont know how to execute it properly. One of these day I do post article the good one.


Yes it is always ongoing, I need to refill my budget for payouts and then will make a round of payouts.


What are your specs for 1 GPU and how much would a computer with that specs cost? Plz plz plz my tummy has butterflies… I am so anxious to mine! Tell me


You need a desktop computer, A GPU, a Power supply and a couple other odds and ends…Get it going for around 7 or 800.

google “building a mining rig tutorial” and see all parts you would need. Then price them out on Amazon or something so you get a good idea of initial investment.


Is it possible to know what kind of content other folks have posted? Is it content specific to SmartCash or have folks been doing other content (like a cooking video for example) and linking smartcash?


Its smartcash i believe.


Opening doors in Costa Rica! All inputs and contributions are welcome! Growing in the whole world!


Who is @SmartCashCR and why is it talking about doors


Don’t be disrespectful. Not it. Him/Her


Abriendo puertas (Opening doors) is an expression… we are a team set in Costa Rica participating in the dissemination of SmartCash Features…


Any activity here yet?