(FINISHED) SmartCash Writing Contest Round #3 - Show us your writing skills and get paid in SmartCash! 5000$ (5 Winners)


Hey SmartCash community!

As our community grew significantly since last year, we feel it’s time for a new SmartCash Writing Contest!


  • This is NOT a homework assignment, think outside of the box
  • Any entries MUST be tagged with #SmartCash & link CLICKABLE to SmartCash.cc
  • Entries need to be posted on the Steemit, Medium or a place with equal traffic.
  • Every person has unlimited entries


  • Content MUST be about SmartCash in some way or form and contain at least two of the following topics: SmartNodes, SmartHive, Smart-Voting, Merchant focus, User friendly approach, Roadmap 2018, transaction cost and confirmation time.
  • The bottom of each write up MUST CONTAIN: If you would like to learn more about SmartCash please visit https://smartcash.cc/


We will pay each of the 5 winners 1000$ worth in Σ SmartCash at the time of the payout.
The Contest will end on the 7th of March and winners will be declared within 48 hours.

Only Entries tagged #SmartCash and linked below as a comment will qualify!

Good luck and have fun! Looking forward to read all your creative entries!

Winners of the SmartCash Writing Contest Round #3
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I can write in Portuguese? or do you need to be in English?


Of course you can also write in your native language but unfortunately I’m not able to understand Portuguese so it will be somehow hard to review.


So I’ll write in both languages :smile:


Entry_1: https://steemit.com/smartcash/@cloudspyder/smart-retirement-preparation


So i think in the hive team have people from different languages, so we are promoting decentralization so i think all participants can write in their native language, so i will do mine in french.


Entry# 1 https://steemit.com/smartcash/@lovenfreedom/threadripper-is-amazing-unboxing-for-smartcash


Here is my entry for the Writing Contest
Entry #1 https://steemit.com/smartcash/@xervantes/the-one-about-smartcash


@cloudspyder @lovenfreedom @xervantes Thanks for your entries!


entry#2 https://steemit.com/smartcash/@lovenfreedom/smart-voting-is-on-with-web-wallet


This is my first post and entry for the writing contest.
Entry #1 https://steemit.com/smartcash/@nextgen622/bringingt-in-the-chinese-new-year-with-smartcash


Here is my entry #1 https://steemit.com/smartcash/@silascjgoss/the-future-is-smart


My Entry: https://medium.com/@michaeljordan_70408/blockchain-and-catastrophe-bonds-how-granulation-can-open-up-this-new-asset-class-a643d27cfc54


My first entry. Thanks


Entry_2: https://steemit.com/smartcash/@cloudspyder/part-1-major-retailers-and-services-that-accept-smartcash


Entry 2: https://medium.com/@michaeljordan_70408/blockchain-and-reinsurance-the-new-way-to-transfer-risk-e0283cc2a020


Here’s my entry!

I talked about my son’s laptop which he bought with Smart, the new wallet release, the new web wallet update, and the Binance vote to get SMART listed.


Я новичек старался как мог если что нитак извините вот сылка


My another good read: https://steemit.com/smartcash/@cloudspyder/part-1-what-is-smartcash