(FINISHED) SmartCash Writing Contest Round #3 - Show us your writing skills and get paid in SmartCash! 5000$ (5 Winners)


Here is my first contest entry about the lastest information about SmartCards for Smart Merchants!


getting close to the close of the contest but…heres my entry…

enjoy the read…slightly satirical


Really spent some bit of time compiling this two. I hope it pans out to be educative.


Here’s my second article: https://medium.com/@antonioclarkmail/smart-world-and-smart-money-861c3633408d


I hope the result worth the time spent :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is our submission: https://steemit.com/smartcash/@bcrelations/smartcash-self-funding-merchant-centric-community-driven-and-decentralized

We wanted to fully introduce who SmartCash is today while casting a vision of what it can become in the future.


My article!!
Hopefully just in time, 6:58am!!


Ok contest has ended well done everyone we will review the articles and give a date to announce winners.


thanks @Somnium appreciate the contest


Hello @Azuuri,
I’m sorry I didn’t know to put the link here and I only put it on Steemit.
So I hope it’s good?
Here is my entry:
I posted on steemit 4 days ago and put the link here and on the discord.


@Azuuri, where can we see the winners?


So who are the winners ?


Winners have been chosen we are waiting for Azuuri to announce but he has fallen ill at the moment so we will announce in a few days time once he is better, thank you for your patience at this time :slight_smile:


@MissCrypto we will include yours into the contest.


Sorry to hear that, It’s never fun being sick. @Azuuri, Get well soon …:+1:


We hope he gets better soon. Tell him the community send their regard.


@Azuuri get well soon man!! Hope it isn’t anything too serious.


I appreciate that guys, thanks! Winners will be announced shortly.


Winners can be found here: Winners of the SmartCash Writing Contest Round #3

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