(FINISHED) SmartCash Writing Contest Round #3 - Show us your writing skills and get paid in SmartCash! 5000$ (5 Winners)


Here is my entry


Here is my article about Smartcash- https://medium.com/@dliv27/инвестируйте-в-smartcash-f78c37839328


My second entry for the contest (and also a good read!):

Passive Income Generators by Xervantes

I also posted the entry on Channels.cc. You can find it here


I think the winners shold have different languages on their posts !! I will do mine in spanish for my comunitty !! Amor por smartcash!!


Hey guys check it out , this is my entry



Entry 3: Tax and a New Economy. https://medium.com/@michaeljordan_70408/blockchain-and-tax-how-cryptocurrencies-can-invent-a-more-efficient-economy-84add3a02f


@Azuuri Here is my first submission for the writing contest. https://medium.com/@josh0mattoc/smartcash-the-intelligent-community-money-c9576dcd6670


Absolutely loving reading the other submissions BTW


More than writing, I wanted to tell my story, Nose if I counted for the contest, but I would like many to be encouraged. I do believe in #SmartCash



My third entry for the competition.Financial Freedom by Xervantes

I also posted the blog on channels.cc:

Financial Freedom by Xervantes



Hey, this is my first article :slight_smile: I hope you like it.

English is not my first language, please do not be harsh :slight_smile:


Second Entry:


hope i am not late as i heard it will end 2days time so i did my own part in showing my writing skills
twist is my own version of smartcash-


Here is my entry! :slight_smile:

I hope you like it!


Here’s my first article, quick and unexpected !


Comp ends at 7.00am UTC 7/03/2018

You still have 26 hours left.


Here is my first contest entry about the lastest information about SmartCards for Smart Merchants!