(FINISHED) SmartCash Writing Contest Round #3 - Show us your writing skills and get paid in SmartCash! 5000$ (5 Winners)


getting close to the close of the contest but…heres my entry…

enjoy the read…slightly satirical


Really spent some bit of time compiling this two. I hope it pans out to be educative.


Here’s my second article: https://medium.com/@antonioclarkmail/smart-world-and-smart-money-861c3633408d


I hope the result worth the time spent :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is our submission: https://steemit.com/smartcash/@bcrelations/smartcash-self-funding-merchant-centric-community-driven-and-decentralized

We wanted to fully introduce who SmartCash is today while casting a vision of what it can become in the future.


My article!!
Hopefully just in time, 6:58am!!


Ok contest has ended well done everyone we will review the articles and give a date to announce winners.


thanks @Somnium appreciate the contest


Hello @Azuuri,
I’m sorry I didn’t know to put the link here and I only put it on Steemit.
So I hope it’s good?
Here is my entry:
I posted on steemit 4 days ago and put the link here and on the discord.


@Azuuri, where can we see the winners?


So who are the winners ?


Winners have been chosen we are waiting for Azuuri to announce but he has fallen ill at the moment so we will announce in a few days time once he is better, thank you for your patience at this time :slight_smile:


@MissCrypto we will include yours into the contest.


Sorry to hear that, It’s never fun being sick. @Azuuri, Get well soon …:+1:


We hope he gets better soon. Tell him the community send their regard.


@Azuuri get well soon man!! Hope it isn’t anything too serious.


I appreciate that guys, thanks! Winners will be announced shortly.


Winners can be found here: Winners of the SmartCash Writing Contest Round #3

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