(FINISHED) The Σ 100,000 (5 Winners) SmartCash Writing Contest! Bring your A+ creative skills and explore SmartCash!


It this still going on?


write it in my native language


I believe the winners will be decided on Nov 6th so there is time until then.


Yes for atleast another 2 weeks.


My first Entry :

Thank you so much for the contest. Good Luck everybody.


My first article in English. And also in Russian.


Check this one out, trying to educate everyone:




My latest SmartCash post:


Here is my entry. I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: I tried to make it a little light-hearted and fun.


My first entry: https://medium.com/@craigwhittingham/cryptocurrency-smartcash-sores-up-140-in-24-hours-e1248cd70d7


Here is thelifestyler’s entray:


can i use my old post sir ?


I’m interested in this program as well and perhaps the writing contest. I would like to ask the head of decentralization a question or two before I post anything.


#SMARTCASH my second enterayyy!!!


Will the 100,000 SMARTCASH be split among 5 individual? Is it 100,000 per winner?

Here is my third entry


I believe its 20,000 each. In a total of 100,000 prize.


My second article in English. And also in Russian.

Мы должны перевести эти ( We need to translate these. )

Just put out my newest article on where I think the future of Smart Cash lies:


Go SmartCash!