(FINISHED) The Σ 100,000 (5 Winners) SmartCash Writing Contest! Bring your A+ creative skills and explore SmartCash!


@Decentralizd how much per person? 20,000 or 100,000
Here is my fourth entry


I forgot to add this exact sentence in the articles I wrote on steem, but I promoted the URL multiple times in the article and added a laundry list of SmartCash urls in the comments area. Will that suffice?

My Steem: https://steemit.com/@markrypto

Article #1: SmartCash is entry into the strange world of cryptocurrency

Article #2: #SmartCash Wallet Troubles, SmartCash Slack.com Group, and other thoughts on SmartCash

Article #3: Crypto “DIVIDEND” ALERT: SmartCash CryptoCurrency, Get in NOW, and enjoy SMARTREWARDS dividend every month! #SmartCash


Here is my fifth entry everyone. I thought to bring in some of the outer dynamics rather than focusing too directly on the cryptocurrency itself. Take a deep breath


My sixth entry and part three of the story where I finally take back my stolen cryptocurrency from the Zeth aliens and rescue my abducted daughter


My Second Entry :

Showing the Updates and Sucess of SmartCash aswell as 2 other coins in October Month.


Here is my fourth entry into the contest.

I even added a lot of custom graphics with the SmartCash logo, to be a cut above the rest.

This article is absolutely chock full of links and promotion to all that is SmartCash.

This article is mega rich with graphics and imagery to the hilt. I put a lot of time and effort into this one.


Here is mine :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


I have my 7th and final entry here. I spiced up every one since the first entry, each time getting better.

It contains images, info, a ton of links to SMARTCASH and most importantly a powerful call-to-action. You will sign up after reading.


After a lot of work and research
here is the post


And my third article in English. And also in Russian. :slight_smile:


This is my fifth entry into the SmartCash writing contest. I tried to totally break the mold by creating a bunch of different style graphics that people can download to use for promoting SmartCash’s Twitter account. Social media is hands down the best way to promote things from my own experience, even better than word of mouth. I’ve connected with some incredibly brilliant people on Twitter and had some of the most insightful news articles pushed to me by following the best crypto resources. In all the articles I write, I try to experiment and break the mold. Check out too, my fourth article, I put up a whole bunch of fresh graphics, eye candy galore.


here are my entries to the competition. I have written 5 of them. I was unable to post last week though. They have graphics, images, jokes, a bit of comedy, some are just to the point. If you ate bread this morning you should definitely read the bread - SmartBread blog lol! It will knock your socks off! :smile: People loved my blogs! They started to invest and all because I wrote proper blogs! Some say better than most others they have written lol! Enjoy :blush:

5 Entries Baam! Good luck everyone! :wink:


2 More here


My final one


Here is my last and final article…


I wish such tasks wouldn’t be as strict as this competition. Surely, it makes sense to choose the best ones, though leaving the last ones without any reward is just unfair. Some would spend some time and get nothing. That’s why I wouldn’t take a part in this promotion project. My suggestion for the future is to set gradual reward system like: The participants with valuable results will be rewarded 1K - 100K depending on their work quality. Completely useless or non-original work won’t be rewarded.

Please consider this in the future it makes sense to you. I’d also be glad to hear what others think.


Everyone will get a tip, relax. We also already have the ambassador program for these individuals as well.


Entry #5:


Entry #6:


Hey, here is my entry. I hope you enjoy it. Goodluck to everyone.

Also added to Steemit, not an extra entry just more coverage for us :slight_smile: