(FINISHED) The Σ 100,000 (5 Winners) SmartCash Writing Contest! Round #2


My ‘Rules’ & Expectations
This is NOT a homework assignment, think outside of the box.
Any entries MUST be tagged with #SmartCash & link CLICKABLE to SmartCash.cc9
MUST be posted on the Steem blockchain or Medium.com15.
Unlimited Entries Per Person, 5 Winners. I choose the winners.
Write-Up Requirements (read carefully please, very important)
Any entries MUST be tagged with #SmartCash

Content MUST be about SmartCash in some way or form.

MUST be a worthy post, if I feel like you tried for 10 minutes and/or ripped off someone else, you are disqualified.

Length may vary, content must include atleast 1 image.

The bottom of each write up MUST CONTAIN: If you would like to learn more about SmartCash please visit https://www.SmartCash.cc

Contest will be decided on December 6th. Only Entries tagged #SmartCash and linked below as a comment will qualify. Good luck everyone!

(FINISHED) The Σ 100,000 (5 Winners) SmartCash Writing Contest! Bring your A+ creative skills and explore SmartCash!
Smartcash 150,000 prize

So far i have this







Great, goodluck everyone!


@Somnium Here is my work for round #2 (forwarded)

After nurturing the article idea for 10 days of my busy life, I finally managed to compile the advantages of SmartCash I personally adored into more than less human-readable format. So here is the baby:


1.4 - 1.7 EH/s. ? you might want to fix that @god


Thank you for proof reading! Did I get it wrong? 1.4 - 1.7 Exahashes in summer 2016:




Oh sorry i thought it was TH/s my mistake


SmartCash vs DASH: Governance Compared — Steemit https://steemit.com/smartcash/@nitego/smartcash-vs-dash-governance-compared

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I tried my hand at a fiction entry. Lol. Enjoy.


My article (kind of repost, I thought I was editing my first one) : https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@sombre-gab/dyypb-crypto-communaute-smartcash-un-premier-pas-dans-le-monde-de-la-cryptomonnaie


There is a picture :stuck_out_tongue:


My first entry for Round #2, enjoy!



My 2# Entry

Put a lot of Work and Time on that,custom images,pertinent topic,accounts linking and in 2 languages:




Hey, good work on the article!