(FINISHED) The Σ 100,000 (5 Winners) SmartCash Writing Contest! Round #2



#2 Here is my second addition to SmartCash writing Contest number two (November 29th, 2017)

#1 Here is my first addition to the SmartCash writing Contest number two (November 7th, 2017)



I’ve made a poem about smartcash :slight_smile:
I hope you guys like it :smiley:


Es solo para inglés o puede escribirse en español?



I’ve written up an article on Medium. I hope you like it:



This contest will end UTC time 7:00 6th December

Winners will be announced UTC time 7:00 8th December


Crypto in 2018 — The Year of MasterNodes? #SmartCash


My third contest entry (the people at monkeycoin loved the logo).

My fourth contest entry


This comp has now ended thank you all !


Hi, I have been having a hard time signing up for the forms but finally got it to work… Can I please still submit my entry today? It was posted on Medium on Dec. 4th:



Sure as it was posted December 5th


thank you so much! Will there be a round 3?


Winners have been chosen

Announced soon

closed #40