Food Truck SmartCash


What I’ll do?

Introduce SmartCash to a large public bringing 4 Food Trucks to receive SmartCash as payment method


The intention is to bring Food Trucks to a gospel event that counts more than 7,000 people in 2 days and accept SmartCash as a form of payment, we will give SMART bountry of $ 4 for people to consume in establishments, we will give more visibility to SmartCash as a means of payment in this event, as it is something very innovative and new in the region will have a very great acceptance by the public present


-If SmartCash’s sponsorship is approved, the project will be evident throughout the event, led panel, pamphlets, on-stage dissemination and social networks

-Event will feature the greatest singers of the gospel branch in Brazil “Fernandinho and Kemuel”

-The support team will wear Smartcash T-shirts every day, setting the brand in the minds of all the people who will attend the event.

-It will be announced in the middle of the event the Food Truck space and I will talk a little about SmartCash in the event quickly, we will promote the bountry to encourage the public to lower the wallet in their smartphones to pay their food with SmartCash.

-The idea of ​​bringing SmartCash as a form of payment in Food Truck is sensational, since it is something that has been growing a lot in the interior of São Paulo.
-We will be showing more sites that accept SmartCash also in the local media material

Audience present: 7,000


You can learn more about the event at:


  • 2019, 12 e 13 de July

Conclusion: I count on the support of the SmartCash community to bring SMART as a different means of payment for people, giving them a better understanding of this encryption market and also a new means of payment


Such a nice idea,excelent work,hopefully i will try once