Forgot username


Hi guys could you help me to recover my wallet (Android)username? For a strange reason I don’t remember my username, I remember my password, but not the user. Is there a solution for this issue? Thank you in advance.


@rlamasb can you help?


No solution guys ? I put my email address when I registered, but I do not see it working in these cases.


Can you send me your email address that register account, i will send to rlamasb to help you to check


Please, I have the same problem. I forgot my username.
Can you send me too?
@rlamasb can help me ?


Hello @hoangton
My email is
Maybe you can help me get my username?
Thank you very much!!


Do you remember any smartcash address in your android/web wallet?


Hello @hoangton here is my wallet address:
Thank you!


Your username is Thiagosparvoli