Forgot wallet username


Hey guys I totally forgot my username for my wallet but I remember my password. Please help me out. How do I recover it?


Hello @smrt :slight_smile:
For a quick answer, may I suggest:

  1. Knowledge Base
  2. Support Ticket (same link as #1)
  3. *Discord Chat Live Support (quickest?)

Please post the answer here after, so I can help better next time. :slight_smile:
(Please specify which wallet and version.)

Thanks. Good Luck! :innocent:


Did you still have Master Security Code, in case you have you can contact @rlamasb#1106 in Discord, maybe he can help


Thanks @hoangton Good to know! :slight_smile: :+1:


Hi , I forgot my username as well. I remember email, password and master key. can you help me to remember it?