French translation of the website


Hi community!

I would be more than happy to help on SmartCash project by translating the website in French.
I am already active on steemit and have already translated the SmartCash Team introduction post.

Any idea how to start this work? Who should I be in touch with?

Thanks for your help.


yes, so i think that the website and others stuff must be translated. i am with you.



There’s already some French native speakers in the forum. @Neomigwel have already created a facebook page, wrote some texts on Steemit, etc. (see this thread for instance: Building french community). We’ve also already started a French translation project, but it seems to be at a standstill for now. We could maybe ask an ambassador to merge this new thread with the older one.
Personally, I’ve asked @slpin if I could translate his SmartRewards Guide and @SirBond if I could translate his How to import privatekey from webwallet to windows wallet and viceversa guide.

Let’s make the French site happen!


Thanks for your reply! Good to hear some French guys are already involved in SmartCash!
Great idea to merge the two threads.
Did you have any reply about the two guides you want to translate?
Do you know the person we should talk with for translating the website pages?


No, I don’t have any replies yet for the guides, but I’ve already translated the SmartRewards Guide today in my spare time, so it’s ready to be posted.


@Decentralizd @hockleyj @hannahlicious any tips for the person we should talk to?


@Karl @Neomigwel @godschild what do you think about creating a proposal, for French translation, we would submit to the community vote? any idea of the budget?


I would totally agree. As I mentioned in the old thread on the topic, the market price is roughly at 0.10-0.12$/word, so it would make about 500-600$ for 5 000 words. The problem is… when we created our first thread, we did not see much support (by the way, I’m still waiting for the authorizations to translate/post the guides).

Let’s see if we can rally the community now!


@Decentralizd @hockleyj @hannahlicious @JuicyG any suggestion regarding our thread?


Yes I think translation of website into French would be great idea, you haven’t stated the amount of SMART though that you want to charge,

you need to use a layout like this
Example Layout:
Amount: 175 SmartCash
Timeline: State your relative timeline.
Total Hours expected for project to complete:
Proposal Goal: State a summary of your goal**

Who Am I? What do I bring to the table & whats my goal here? Who are you? What are your credentials? Why are you qualified for SmartHive funding?

Deliverables/Job description of the proposal. Ideally it will be itemized. What are you doing? be specific. How much does it cost? Why?

My Current/Past SmartCash related experience: Your SmartCash Resume.

Possible FAQs: Assume there will be questions, get them out of the way if you can ahead of time and/or update this thread as you answer them so people don’t need to hunt down the answers.

Conclusions: Wrap up everything and tie it in a nice bow.

use this link as a guide to set up pre-proposal thread in a way where people have a good understanding of what you need in terms of funding and how long it will take Example of a Pre-Proposal Discussion, What it is & Why you should use it


Thanks for your feedback @hannahlicious! :+1:

We are now discussing the details of the project so we can polish our proposal. We’ll be back soon!


Our pre-poposal is available here :slight_smile:


Great idea, Im new at the community, I got one question, Im a spanish speaker, is there any translation for spanish? If not, could be awesome to have Spanish version of the website (I have knowledge there are a lot spanish native speaker on the community.

Hindi website translation project

The website is already translated in Spanish (, but I don’t know if the quality is good (people have been criticizing the Russian translation for instance). You can check it out.
There’s also a lot of guides to be translated in the wiki section.
You could also check this threads out:à


Thanks for your response, I will check it and give my opinions. Best regards!


@Karl I read the spanish web site, Its almost perfect but I found it with a very “stricted” language, It does not “excite”. I think this pre proposal could be a good solution for translations of website Organising multilingual translation process

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