French website translation project


I like the idea, but id like to see your proposal include an ongoing maintenance aspect worked into it? so that content is updated and refreshed periodically or based on need etc


I’d say there are many French countries, so having a French part of website is great. I wonder if we will always translate content in X different languages ? I am a big fan of doing it in French, but I dont know if we need to translate everything.

Speaking French myself, I can confirm that the 2 articles you wrote seems to have great French skills. I dont see any mistakes about how to say something or about the nice way to write it. That’s a big Plus in your proposal! :slight_smile:


@SirBond We can discuss about it :wink:

@hockleyj Good idea! We are going to work on it and see how we could include it to our proposal.

@MoMo Thanks for your feedback! Very glad to know you are happy with the translation :slight_smile:


I agree, French translation would benefit SmartCash vastly. We need to do this for top world languages. The price plan reflects current average rates for high-quality translations. I’d like to see early adopters opinions on that. So far it looks like the proposal would be approved. I may consider undertaking the same job for Russian language as a work supervisor and editor alone or together with other community members. Such work needs to be done, well done.


1/We actually thought of proposing a follow-up when we were discussing our original proposal but decided against. We’d be glad to add the following category to our proposal if people would like us to do it though. Here’s what we propose:


Time period: 6 months after the completion of the website translation

Cost: 10 000 SmartCash distributed only after new website translations and based on the same rate as the original translation, i.e. $0,1/word for translating and $1/100 words for proofreading.

If you’d like us to translate other guides too, we could do it as a part of the follow-up, or let other people do it.

After these 6 months, if you’d like us to continue, we could put it to a vote.

2/The other topic we’d like to address is what @SirBond hinted at, even if jokingly. We don’t know if the original authors of the guides got paid anything or tipped, but we could also add a “original author tip” category to the budget. It could consist either of a fixed amount of smarts - maybe 100-300 - or it could be based on a percentage of what the translation represents. For instance, SirBond’s guide has 535 words, @slpin 's guide has 320 words and Hockleyj 's guide has 705 words, which makes 891,66 smarts, 533.33 and 1175 smarts. 25% of these sums would make 222,9 for SirBond, 133,3 for Slpin, 293,75 for Hockleyj. In any case it wouldn’t make the general cost of the project much bigger while incentivizing people to writes guides or content.

So what do you say, people? Would you like us to add a Follow-up category? Would you like to see a Original Author Tip category?


yes i would you like to see a Original Author Tip category


Yeah also because there are regular updates and changes that needs to be made to the website.


It seems to me that this is also a relevant aspect.
As well as subsequent maintenance of the website, related to changes in SmartCash functions.

In addition, I fully support the French guys and this project.


@Karl @Semptly Guys, it looks like you’ve ignored the proposal for organising multiligual translation process I put some efforts in. If it goes live, all the translators would currently have enough work to get busy not having to struggle every time with translation proposals to be approved.

At least give your sincere opinion on that. If you don’t like the idea and prefer to work on case by case basis, please say so in this topic:

We are a democratic community here, no need to hesitate, please be open and honest. Not to mention everyone has the right to do what they are good at and apply for any position. Also suggestions and vision on numbers are open for discussion.

The main idea behind the project is to enable efficient multilingual flawless process for high-quality translation easy for translators to participate in without having to struggle for funding every time the need for translation is present.

Another point is the possibility for translators in different languages to discuss and share most valuable content allowing cross-language translations.

Final point is to create a working process that is fully transparent and easy to be validated by any member of community who may spot spelling mistakes or wants to see how community budget is being distributed.

If you care about SmartCash efficient development, then organisational structure mentioned should make sense to you.


Both follow-up and author tipping look good like good ideas! Author’s tipping to some may appear controversial though. Although I don’t see a reason why good contribution shouldn’t be well rewarded.


@Cknr7 @Karl you both look like good candidates to become French language ambassador.
@Cknr7 looks like a good candidate to initially become global translation coordinator although I assume @cryptodate has bigger trust among SmartCash founders to start translation organisational process. I offered myself as a candidate as I have certain skills though it is not by any means a priority for me.


@God Thank you we really appreciate.

Regarding the “global translation coordinator” position, I am not sure that I will have enough time to perform the function properly. Thanks anyway.


I wanted to comment your pre-proposal sooner, but I was really busy. The thing is done now.

Thanks for considering us as good candidates for the French language ambassador !

:grin: !


I’ve updated our pre-proposal. We’re now heading towards proposal time!



Great, go on with proposal!
I’m planning on submitting the Multilingual translation process proposal tomorrow referencing you both as a French team for future tasks and applying the same costs structure. As I see it, both proposals should be approved. After successfull implementation of your project you are welcome to join as a French team in Multilingual translation pool :wink:


i support and will vote Yes, then because i from a french country when i will promote smartcash here i will need it.


@Karl no tips or funds are required for articles written by Hive members e.g @slpin or I @hockleyj etc.


Ok. Is there a way to tell who’s a Hive member?


Here we go! Our proposal is here : Website French Translation Proposal

We will be submitting it to a vote soon.

Edit: We’re happy to announce you can now vote for our proposal here:

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Proposal Passed.

Work in Progress.