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Hello everyone, today I want to show a bit of how I have taken SmartCash to more people in Valencia, with the help of @earttrae and my friends I have achieved great things, things like meet and share with them information about cryptocurrencies and specifically SmartCash, in these last days explain issues such as:

Blockchain: technology that has come to stay and is making changes in our lives, one that is born of Bitcoin and creates new approaches, opportunities and solutions to problems which have not been solved by governments. A technology that offers more than digital money.

How to receive financing for a project: SmartCash is the first cryptocurrency that offers most of its block to finance proposals presented by the community, to get financing it is necessary to have an excellent idea, no matter what type, you must propose it and create a proposal. Your idea can best dare a discussion process in the forum, then if the proposal goes well, you can go to a vote, where the community participates with your vote, choose if you want to see this proposal or not, once a proposal meets its days, it is approved and financed. The cost to submit a proposal is 100 (SMART). The votes are represented by coins, to make it simple every (SMART) represents a vote.

How to receive rewards: The Rewards system in SmartCash (SmartRewards) is in charge of the stabilization of the price, manages to make the users keep their currencies in the long term in order to reward it with a ( 15%) of the block after 25 days of each month. It is important to keep minimum 1000 (SMART) to receive the compensation.

How to receive a salary: It really is a node in the SmartCash network (SmartNodes), it is said to be a salary because every day this node operates in the network and for that work it is rewarded and Collecting those rewards for a month is considered a salary, the reward of a SmartNodes is (10%) of block. To create a node, it is necessary to have 10,000 (SMART), plus a computer with certain capabilities and configurations to operate and be always active in the network.

How to work in the community: Joining the community is simple, it is a matter of following some of their slash and going to them, maybe to the Telegram or Discord chat and from there looking for ways to participate and share the ideas and with the help of the community to make them possible, that way you will be working in the community and helping to boost the currency.

How to market with SmartCash: Our currency is oriented to the merchant, I never invite you to invest, I invite you to market and accept SmartCash as payment method, you do not necessarily have to buy the coins, you can also acquire them by changing assets for it. No matter what your business is, you can accept SmartCash and over time you will be earning coins and believe me it will be great when you have 1,000 (SMART) and start receiving SmartRewards and then increase to 10,000 ( SMART) to create a SmartNodes.

How to create and use the SmartCash Wallet: I believe for a day like this, the wallet easier to create is the web wallet or mobile wallet, we can create it in just minutes, no more than 5. In it we can have three different addresses, one for daily expenses and two to save currencies and receive SmartRewards, in addition to this, we can create our own SmartCard, We can see the proposals, besides voting for them, all within the same wallet.

How to get SmartCash: SmartCash is available to the market in different Exchange, including one to acquire it with bolivars. We can also earn coins through contests held in the community or through donations after doing a good job.

What are the shipping methods: As I said, SmartCash is oriented to the merchant, so every day creates a new payment method, we can send SmartCash as traditionally done in other crypto, with Qr code and Address. Here we add more, that is, we can send SmartCash through username, through SMS, links, Mail and TIPS in different networks to restart good content, it is clear that this is great, but it gets better if I tell them that we can pay with a physical card called SmartCard or a Bracelet called SmartBand, with the card we can pay anywhere in the world, with the bracelet for now only in Brazil.

We were meeting talking about these issues, the ideas were understood, I was also answering questions and doubts, they accepted the invitation to our chat in telegram and of one or another being that will want to participate more in the community and present their great ideas that I can hear that day.

In addition to sharing the information, we shared a good afternoon, I could also show the speed of SmartCash, with coin shipments to new wallets, something that creates excitement in all, besides that I could give away stickers and lanyers for each one.

We really enjoy the afternoon, we share a lot, this creates a strong emotion in me, the power to help understand about this new era and to inform about SmartCash because I know it is a currency that can help us a lot.

SmartCash in valencia another day.

On this other day, I was able to share with friends Skateboarding, I also shared with them the information and before other people who did not know about the subject, I could show how to make a transaction to a friend using SmartCash, I showed how quickly and easily is to send it, with them also share stickers, lanyers.

We promote SmartCash through our sport, we consider it as a sponsorship, to two of my friends I give them flannels with the SmartCash Valencia logo. These friends, like me, will be promoting the currency with our sport, taking it to each competition and showing about it, helping to spread the information. As I said SmartCash we consider it as a sponsorship to our sport with which we can help us to promote ourselves.

It’s everything, I hope to keep getting better every time I improve things, I always want to be advancing and spreading more information. I thank all my friends and special to the entire SmartCash community that has helped me to achieve all this after their impulses.

User: @ amotecal1
Address: SZiFpoovcAwf5yYpxvtcUM6Y9pJMZBbfCW | #SmartCash |$ Smart |@amontecal1


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