Greetings from Cancun!


My name is Zetty, I’m founder member of Bitcuners, a group of crypto enthusiast that runs a successful meet up for about 3 years bringing together people that want to share or get information about cryptocurrencies, trading and blockchain. A great member of this community invited me to participate in this great crypto project. So, thanks @oucan for all the help.

I been related into crypto since BTC 120 USD (LOL). The Bitcuners have been distributing knowledge at a local in cryptocurrency events like LaBitConf in Mexico, and Anarchapulco. Many of our members are working on crypto-base-proyects.

It has also organized talks across different universities, workplaces and community centers in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and we are trying to spread the word. We successfully contributed to project such as Bitcoin, NXT, DASH, PIVVX, Solarcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We have also helped users getting into trading, getting their first crypto and talking about the different coins in the ecosystem in the most easily way. To help others we have 24/7 channels on Telegram App, Web and social media accounts where we share articles, books and news for more information about the crypto technology.

Feel free to comment and share your opinions about our community, I will be happy to respond, help and spread the word of SmartCash!


Oh man! I missed that picture :confused:


My friend paul is not in this picture. Where is this picture from?


We take this picture in the Bitcuners MeetUp!! :slight_smile:


The Bitcuners community is simply Unique.

I have been part of it for one year now and we have been through so much already.
We have worked together, travel, party, eat, sleep (together not with). The kind of stuff I do with my long-life friends.

It has been a journey accompanied by friendly, intelligent, honest, hardworking people. We have learned and grown so much by sharing with each other.

Thank you, guys. Corrorro, Pepe, @Sfcq240788, Alessandro, @oucan @Eiky_Can @onezetty @marilunabella4 @CoachDigi and all the gang.