Growing number of smartnodes (needs to get attention)


It is good to see that the number of smartnodes keeps growing. I was just wondering what was the originally and maybe later on anticipated number of active smartnodes?

Of course things will balanace itself out via price per smartcash and cost of running a VPS, but I was just curious.

Furthermore, I strongly believe the smartcash node network has to get more focus. There are other coins who claim within news posts to have to biggest node network, and SmartCash never gets mentioned. SmartCash team members (such as Zaphoid, see the chat whith Naomi Brockwell help to set things straight, but this might not be enough.

Can there be some new posts on steemit and videos on youtube that highlight the grows of the node network, what it is used for, and what is planned in the future, and the decentralization of it. Plus then it might be a change to also highlight grows of merchant adoption over time in the different regions.

Thanks! Let me know in case I shall move this post to another section.


I don’t know if there was an estimated number of active nodes, but if there was, I’m quite sure we’ve exceeded expectations.
I agree that our node network is a solid marketing argument that could be put forward a bit more, but at the same time, it can be done in articles, posts, vids, etc. by the community. After all, we are a community coin.


Yes, it’s been growing and hasn’t slowed down! There are still a fair amount of SmartNodes running 1.1.1 that haven’t updated. It is a nice point to promote as it is the core infrastructure that runs the entire platform.


The collateral needs to be updated - we have had the period of growth and now it needs to be consolidated. 10k smart is not worth much at the moment, if the rewards go much lower then I will be shutting my nodes down as the traffic price on AWS is costing me around $120 per month and unless smarts value drastically shifts then im operating at a loss.


I’ve shut mine down now, no point in keeping them running in the current climate, 14K nodes are a pointless number vs reward vs costs. Ill check out Supernodes when they are available and make a decision then