Help me be helpful


I love your (I should say “our” but as this is my first day, it’d feel a little presumptuous :slight_smile: ) community. The concept inspired me to the core and I am desperate to be as useful as possible. With that in mind, I’m hoping for some suggestions of areas that I can help with.
I’ve been in sales and marketing for almost 20 years. I’m a small business owner (currently custom printed products) with quite a lot of free time. I’m based in Europe and travel quite extensively. I have a wealth of digital creative contacts built over years and multiple projects.

What would be useful? Where to start?

Things I’ve done which may come in handy:

  • Organised and presented at exhibitions
  • Marketing projects including creative direction
  • Created websites, mobile apps, video, logo’s and other digital assets for small and medium sized businesses
  • Copy writing

Resources at my disposal:

  • A small team of employees including a graphic designer and marketing assistant
  • Strong relationships with videographers, graphic designers, editors, motion graphics specialists, 3d designers, programmers (web tech mainly), actors, musicians, photographers … pretty much anything creative.
  • Time and desire!

Look forward to your input!


Wow, I think what you may offer is indeed needed. The question is how things work here - we are still to learn, it takes long time.

In my opinion the current community incentivasion system is rather ineffective and slow. In order for you to make any of your idea come to life you have to either find currently funded contest or create pre-proposal topic and find interest in community. Then you have to apply proposal for voting and if it funded you are good to go.

I offered simple referal solution to this allowing promoters work fast and engage all the resources they have at their own concern, but the idea is not supported widely. Maybe I am wrong, but I think you are as a marketing person may find it promising:


If this will be implemented then anyone can promote SmartCash with all the resources they have. And it is not denying current work organisation process it is just adding to it.


I agree that affiliate marketing can be a very powerful but (I don’t wish to blaspheme, please no thunder bolts) I personally feel a more grass roots approach would be an interesting route to go initially.
I take on board your advice that things take time and a lot must be learned along the way but if like minded individuals band together with a common goal, anything can happen.


Well maybe a steady natural development pace for SmartCash is what is indeed needed.

I hope the work here will be more organized somehow. I recently tried to participate in translation process but couldn’t do so because it was tough to find the one who delegates it properly nor I could find what is already being translated.

You are most certainly right - people gathered together with common aim will find the way to implement it )) Maybe I just wanted to speed things up, but at the same time it may not be really needed. It is fun anyway to communicate more. :smile: