Help Setting Up Multiple SmartNodes


I need help verifying all 4 of my smart nodes are setup correctly. I was having trouble verifying they were working properly before the July 7th upgrade to Protocol 90026 , and client update to v1.2.3
I am running a Mac for the desktop client controller, using vultr with 4 separate VPS servers running. I have named my nodes SmartNode01, SmartNode02, etc.

The first issue that sticks out to me is on the client side under > My smartnodes the IP address says the same IP address across all the SmartNodes01-04. When I restart the client the IP’s say the proper unique addresses upon startup then they change to the same one about 1 minute in.

Currently since I just did the update to Protocol 90026, SmartNode01 says its successfully running,
but the other 3 smartnodes say they are not listed so they won’t be eligible.

For example : SmartNode02 when running a smarcash-cli smartnode status the server says : Not capable smartnode:smartnode not in smartnode list.

Next issue. Is this a problem that SmartNode02-04 have more than 10k smart associated. They have 10,000.001


Hello, please visit for support with your SmartNode setup. If you are upgrading, I’d suggest just making new VPS nodes as the wait time is only about 2 days now.

You can use this guide: