Hindi website translation project


Hindi website translation project


2 weeks after being approved

Proposal goal:

With an estimated 551 million total speakers, Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Translating the website in Hindi would allow us to reach India more easily where a lot of people are still without proper banking systems.

Who I am:

I’m a Software Engineer who loves languagues.

Proposal description:

I will be using Word/Excel to deliver the translations or whatever is best for the devs. Two weeks will be enough to get the job done.

-Website translation:

For counting words I used the free words counter website that you can find here : https://wordcounter.net/website-word-count

932 words on https://smartcash.cc/
899 words on https://smartcash.cc/what-is-smartcash/
252 words on https://smartcash.cc/roadmap/
679 words on https://smartcash.cc/what-are-smartrewards/
231 words on https://smartcash.cc/get-smartcash/
959 words on https://smartcash.cc/hive-teams/
488 words on https://vote.smartcash.cc/
555 words on https://smartcash.cc/wallets/

Word count = 4 995

Please provide your comments if you feel that Smart Cash needs more efforts in global distribution


We have similar proposal for French translation French translation of the website
and i think we can go with same process


ótima ideia,a índia e muito promissora


On a side note, we’ve completed our proposal. Together with @cknr7 we’ve been happy to contribute to SmartCash, but the June milestone was our last one. It has been nice working with you and @slpin!

  • I’m always for good translations and making SmartCash more accessible to Indians is a good idea. Do you have any previous translation experience?

  • You could maybe add a few links to the proposed translation list. For instance, https://smartcash.cc/smartnodes/ is missing (SmartNodes are an important feature of SmartCash).

  • What would be your price? You need be more specific.


You are great translator and commitment with your work. Love to work with you too!


Hello guys thanks for the support. I’m not a professional translator but I’ve some experience on how internationalisation is done since my job as a software engineer requires it. Since other translations have been done already I guess the devs here have the internationalisation base file used on the website in english so I could translate that file.


Hello guys I’m happy to announce that my proposal was approved for voting please cast your vote here https://vote.smartcash.cc/Proposal/Details/Hindi-website-translation-project


You’re project is good, translating the website to Hindi is important, but I find your rates too expensive.

You’re asking for $2000 for 4 995 words, which means your rate is about $0.4/word. Market rates are around $0.1/word.

4 995 can be translated in 3-4 days. $2000 for 3-4 days of work is quite juicy…


Isn’t it true that English is the second official language in India? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/India#Languages)

Considering this, your project can’t be described as high-priority and generally you shouldn’t price your services that much higher than average market rates.


Hello guys, I appreciate your arguments but let me explain some points that might not be clear enough

  • In India english is used for business and administration, although a lot of people speak english it’s not the majority and in my point of view you would be excluding millions of people who don’t have a proper english education. We should bring SmartCash to as many people as possible and make it easy even for non technical people to use it.
  • It was pointed that other websites should also be included that are not present on the initial list which also increases the word count and thus decrease the price per word.
  • I’m not sure where you got this estimation of days of work and price per word, but you can check trusted websites like (https://www.transfluent.com/en/pricing/) and you can see that an average is 0.24€/word for this type of technical translation.