HitBTC just resumed SmartCash withdrawal, deposit and transfer


Apparently HitBTC just resumed all SmartCash coin operations. Deposits, withdrawal, transfer are available again. See: Live overview of HitBTC wallet status


Indeed. HitBTC is back.


That’s some good news, it’s all about being patient :slight_smile:


I have to say I have mixed feeling on this. I think we all should be supporting Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Right now the only DCE supporting SmartCash is Crypto-Bridge.
Check out the Article I wrote if you like?


I love trading on crypto-bridge!
It is fast, has very low fees and of course it is decentralized, what I prefer too.
Unfortunatly, the volume is sometimes low.


Decentralized exchanges are the future. It’s only a matter of time and it depends on us to make it happen sooner.


Yes, I called for that notion back in January, when the HitBTC fiasco was emerging.

I also think it was a very wise decision to move to a DEX and Crypto-Bridge turned out to be a really good choice.

With regard to Komodo BarterDEX, which was my suggestion - I participated in a stress test of it a few months ago and the usability was quite bad. So even though they are at the technological-forefront, at this stage you can’t expect a casual users to use something like this for trading SMART. With atomic swaps you always have to make sure UTXOs do match while trading and stuff like that. As Crypto-Bridge doesn’t rely on atomic swaps they are quite fine. Even though conducting an atomic swap is still a wise step from a marketing point of view, we don’t have to push for this particular technology.

More and more DEXs will arise this year, so there is still a lot of innovation to be expected.

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