How can I help?


Hello all, been with SmartCash now for a week, and can confidently say this crypto has potential.

I am looking for any ways I can help out the community, perhaps bounties or marketing?

Keep up the good work, looking forward to the bright future and growth that lies ahead.



@BickBoy Wwelcome to the community !

Check out below links :

1.) (FINISHED) Introducing the Incentivized Ambassador Program! Got skills? Help us grow & get paid!

2.) [Bounty] 200,000 SmartCash for in depth video series explaining SmartCash features

3.) Are you a social media PRO? We want to talk with you!

4.) How to be an effective 'Hive Member'. Looking for something to do? Here's a list of things ANYONE can help with

Explore the forum, submit new ideas and proposals. Also, contribute to existing ideas and proposals at forum. Get involved with the community. Bring more value to the community.


Sweet, thanks alot. I look forward to becoming more involved :+1:


Welcome to the fam! As you probably noticed this coin is all about the community here online… And out there in the real world. I suggest… And this is me speaking for myself not the coin, to find something meaningful in your area and then try to think of ways we can help. Be it donations… Community awareness, or a way it can benefit from a group of online activists. In my opinion no suggestion is dumb… It may not be viable but that could change over time. Take a look at the links that were posted above and if something you have in mind doesnt fit post it anyways… People will make suggestions or at least talk it out with ya… Who knows, if it doesnt fit the coin exactly, a community member may want to help personally. But most of all… Just participate. Comment… Suggest… And post… Im happy to see someone wanting to be active and if i can be of assistance then let me know.