How many people are in SMARTCASH overall?


I want to know how many are using the forum as of now! I am the 287th person to join


600+ on the forum, over 1000 on slack and over 2000 followers on twitter thus far.


This is small @hockleyj. It feels like a discord chatroom


I joined about a week ago but don’t know where to find my #


@Jonboy32935you see it when you achieve an accomplishment.


More than 1232 people in Slack now


Still can’t find it but no biggie


I was curious as well, how do we see what user number we are?


A telegram group would also be very interesting, I think.


it has one,but not many people know, it has 21 people right now.


That is an unofficial group, run by community member


Yea,thank you for sort that out :slight_smile: