How to be an effective 'Hive Member'. Looking for something to do? Here's a list of things ANYONE can help with


Have you ever been involved with a project at work and just felt a little lost as to where to lend a hand and where your strengths lie? I’m sure we’ve all been there, and it’s never a fun place to be in. So I thought it would be nice to assemble a basic list of daily/weekly/monthly needs that ANYONE is welcome to do at their own leisure. We can expand on this list and eventually build it into the SmartHive website after we are happy with it.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Everyone is capable of educating your friends, and/or people in a face-to-face manner even if simply to point them to the SmartCash website to learn more after briefly explaining the benefits of SmartCash to them.

Local Events

Are you someone who’s connected, good at public speaking or even relatively influential in your space? Why not do a local meetup up for you and your colleagues to learn about SmartCash in a professional environment from seasoned pros? We may even be able to work some subsidies from the SmartHive budget and/or provide free Swag, giveaway coins and/or printed assets.

Online Support for Newbies

Everyone can be an asset here, we already get tons of questions everyday that we spend time answering, and having more people to readily be supportive of new users in places like these forums, reddit, steemit, twitter, slack and so on! It really helps lift the load from the more active users and frees thier time up to do other useful projects they haven’t had time to do, due to being such active SmartCash supporters in terms of new users.

Video Content

This is a BIG one, as most of you may know, video is the MOST HIGHLY CONSUMED form of digital communication and the more solid videos we can produce as a community will certainly have a huge impact on not only the size of our community, but the size of our market cap as well. Not to mention we have an Incentivized Ambassador Program for exactly this reason!

Articles & Content Creation

Articles, contests, briefs, summaries, personal opinion articles, graphic design projects and so on are all valid, useful and no much needed types of content around the internet. These types of content will not only increase our standing with search engines, but also tremendously grow the community and reach of the SmartCash brand. This is also part of the Incentivized Ambassador Program.

Social Media

Anyone is welcome to assist in helping us grow #SmartCash via social media outlets such as Twitter, Steemit, Medium, Instagram, Facebook and all over the social globe! If you want to participate, its as easy as using hashtags such as #smartcash and $smart in your posts, which will help you get in touch with fellow your Smarties, and grow the community as well!

3rd Party Ideas

The SmartHive was intended to fund any and all proposals that will bring value to the overall SmartCash economy and we know 3rd party proposals are a necessity to succeed in such a competitive space, therefore we highly encourage everyone with an idea to bring it up and discuss it with the community.

Crypto Art, yes I mean Art!

What good is an economy with no tradable goods such as wonderful works of artistic masterpieces? We highly encourage all forms of Art be created around SmartCash and will likely work towards a local marketplace with relevant 3rd parties down the road, as well as facilitate trade without our own community.

Don’t forget about the proposal system either! As long as the community sees value in your idea, it’s usually worth funding.


I’m already working on my proposal. Thanks for this.


Hie Nathan,
Did you submit your proposal


Not yet. I’m still working on it.


How can I help?