How to Install Android SmartCash Wallet - PWA



Can you please add the link? Not finding SC app at Play… Also, has anybody else had slight difficulty using the contacts feature? I can save the name and SmartCash address, but next use it’s not there. (web wallet)


Please follow the article s instruction for install as it is a progressive web app and is not installed via the play store.


It Official ? because i don’t see it listed in the Website.


yes it is official it is downloaded from which is the offical wallet address, as stated in the article.

it is the latest in web and mobile technology, PWA’s are the future of apps for cross platform consistency.


Thanks i have it. so now we wait about android wallet and next prepaid smartcash card.


prepaid smartcash card ? is that in the roadmap ?


Don’t know but we must have it, that’s important.


To be honest i think its old technology why not just pay from your Mobile phone wallet to POS via QR code/NFC.

Crypto is pure digital why this need to go back to physical ?

So its back to old Bank card technology why ? and dont say mainstream adoption because everyone is moving away from physical bank cards and by the time we get round to doing this it will be far into the future where nobody is using silly bank cards anymore.

my 2 SMART


So i see your ideas, but for cashout our smartcash we will want it, so we want that crypto take place over fiat, but now we still need the fiat then and we must have solution for, a card isn’t only a way to pay in POS but for cashout to fiat too. or we can improve ATM to cashout with mobile then.


To pay stuff with your crypto maybe…

Will be a few years before all stores where I shop will accept crypto. So a crypto debit card that transacts tp fiat when I purchange in a store is not so bad I think.

Concerning the mobile wallet. When will we get an app in the Play store and apple app store?


We already have it in play store. Search for it on play Or download from