How to Upgrade to the SmartCash Wallet v1.0.0 (Important!)


As many of you know the major wallet upgrade for SmartCash is now here and we are all very excited to experience its awesome! However, because this is such a big upgrade (from 0.8 -> 0.13 BTC codebase) we do need to take a few steps to make our transition to the next level a smooth ride. If this is your first time installing your SmartCash wallet and you are NOT upgrading you do not need to follow this tutorial. Simply download the wallet from the SmartCash website and you’re ready to go! For the rest of us who are upgrading it’s very important to follow these steps…

Step 1: Save a back-up of your wallet.dat file

You can do so within the wallet by clicking “File” and then selecting “Backup Wallet” this will prompt you to browse to your preferred location and name the file. Let’s name it “smartcashbackup.dat” . You can also create a backup outside of the client by copying the wallet.dat in your smartcash folder to another destination on your system (or a thumb drive!). Once your backup is complete make sure your wallet is CLOSED and move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Remove the old blockchain.

This means navigating to your SmartCash folder and deleting the blocks and chainstate folders. DO NOT delete your wallet.dat!

For windows this is found in %appdata%\smartcash (if you don’t know where that is just search smartcash and find your folder)

For Mac users this is found in ~/Library/Application Support/smartcash/

For Linux users this is found in ~/.smartcash/ (or just copy and paste my commands below)

cd ~/.smartcash/
rm blocks -r
rm chainstate -r

Step 3: Download and launch the new wallet binaries

Go ahead and delete your old binaries (exe’s for windows smartcashd & smartcash-qt for linux/mac) and download the new release here -

You are now ready experience the awe of the new SmartCash 1.0.0 Wallet!

I’ve also made a bootstrap of a 1.0.0 blockchain sync’d up to November 20th to make this process even faster for users.

Bootstrap - (do not use this bootstrap with a 0.8.xx client)


I just downloaded the new one and it worked fine :slight_smile:


@Proteus What about removing the old blockchain for Mac users ?


Thanks @Proteus !

This needs to stay pinned and visible on the forum (until we get a new version of the wallet).


Sorry, your smartcash folder is found at ~/Library/Application Support/smartcash !

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Thanks! Upgrade done!


@Proteus Downloaded 3 hours ago and still in sync, is that normal ?


It’s typically a lot faster than that… I can definitely attest that the Linux release syncs in less than 2 hours… Perhaps Mac takes a bit longer :confused:


Hey, my wallet doesnt sync the last 10 Days… can someone help with my problem?

Greets mathias


It’s because you’re still on You need to either upgrade to which is a quick and simple upgrade found here.

Or follow the instructions above to upgrade to 1.0.0.


I have upgraded and the wallet is working fine so far. But I don’t see address and add address options anymore. I have few thousands smartcash I was planning to devide them into more than one address so that every address is elegible for rewards. What should I do now !??


Unfortunately in this new release your old addresses don’t show up in the “Receive” tab. However, they are still in your wallet and you still fully control them! You can see your old addresses by going to “Send” and then click “Inputs”… You’ll still be able to make your splits, all addresses are there and all is well. Sorry for the confusion!! Again, this is a major major upgrade in the codebase so there’s a few minor downfalls (losing sight of addresses in the receive tab is one of them). All of the addresses you create in the future will show up there though :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for quick reply. Can I add new address too? As I am planning to send few more thousands too some new address. Thank you.


Yea, of course! Just go to the receive tab and click “Request Payment” to create a new address.


Is the web wallet effected by this at all?


Nope, the web wallet isn’t affected at all by this upgrade.


I translated your excellent guide into Russian.
I hope it will be useful for all Russian-speaking users.

Blockchain Bootstrap Updated October 24th

Added bootstrap to tutorial -


Hi, Please can you help me.

I was previously running It stopped working and I downloaded and run the new 1.0 version without seeing your tutorial! So I haven’t removed the old blockchain. I literally just downloaded the new version and launched the executable.

It’s opened up and I can see my transactions and balances, but they are only pending. I’ve been running it for a few hours now and I’m sill “19 weeks behind” with only 2600 blocks processed. Aren’t there over 190000? I’ve downloaded your bootstrap, but where do I put it to enable the application to recognise it? Do I need to delete everything and start again?

Please help