How to Upgrade to the SmartCash Wallet v1.0.0 (Important!)


If you follow Proteus’s guide form the start, you won’t break anything. Just be sure to backup your wallet.dat file. As where to put the folders in the bootstrap, just unpack them in the folder where you installed the new wallet. In windows, it’s usually %appdata%\smartcash.
Then launch the wallet. You won’t have access to the wallet until it loads the blocks, which takes quite some time.


Hi Karl,

Many thanks for the reply. Does the bootstrap file go directly into the smartcash folder, or into the folders named block, chainstate or database?



root folder i would imagine


The boostrap file contains 2 folders is I remember correctly: Blocks and chainstate. You just take these 2 folders and put them in the smartcash folder.


Yep, Karl & Somnium have it right. Replace your blocks and chainstate folders with the ones in the zip.


well I have posted a help request with no reply. I cant even find my wallet now


I am pretty screwed up now, I had tried to send smart to a wallet that was slow syncing only to see there were upgrade required. when I walked threw some of these instructions now I can not even open my wallet.


found wallet after loosing in an attempt to replace block file. I sent help request out in another message. I have sent out several and no replays as of year hours seem off for real time help. off to the rat race (in field w/ no pc) back in 12 hours if I’m lucky. thx in advance. me and downloads or tech speak is improving but not that great. it’s not easy for me.


You can try to get help on Discord


I believe ccodam spoke with you on discord and got it worked out… but if not join us there please.


ok thanks will check that out


that was not me, I was there but not when ccodam was there, I was following that other conversation.


I couldn’t add you two as friends as I needed a 4 digit code after your ID… I tried there now.


Hi Proteus, Karl and Somnium - many thanks all up and running now…!


Oh NO! It worked for a day and then when I loaded it up today, it said my wallet.dat file was corrupted. I then reopened it, it reloaded all the blocks, but my wallet was completely empty! I have a back up wallet.dat file from last month. How do I load this in? Do I just copy and paste? PLEASE HELP. Thanks


I’ve also founds this file in my appdata folder…wallet.1512040XXX.bak

Is this my old wallet?


It does not really matter how old is your wallet.dat file, as long as you have a backup, you’re fine. Yes, you can simply copy your backuped wallet.dat file into the Smartcash folder.


Yes. That’s an automatically created backup when it detected a corruption.

If it created an all new wallet and your coins are no longer shown you will need to close your wallet, remove that wallet.dat and rename the .bak file back to wallet.dat. Then download this .bat file and place it in the folder with your exe’s

Then instead of using your exe to open your wallet use the .bat file (only this time). That will attempt to repair your wallet file while opening the wallet qt.

QT wallet BSOD crashes Windows

Hi @Proteus! I’ve noticed this before, but it seems that when I launch the wallet, it syncs fine in the begining, but after some time (not a long period) it just stop (or slows down to a point it’s as if it stopped). When it occurs, the pc has littles freeze periods. What is causing that?

QT wallet BSOD crashes Windows

I’m having this problem now after waiting 5 days for the wallet to sync to the block so my 10k transaction would go through, finale went through then 20 minutes later wallet corrupt and it crashed open back up all my coins are gone… smartcash and this stupid wallet is such BS* - nobody has time for this crap I just wanted to buy some coins on an exchanged I didn’t know I was going to have to turn into a freaking computer scientist to access my coins smh, should be called stupid cash!