How to Upgrade to the SmartCash Wallet v1.0.0 (Important!)


Nicely done @semptly


Hello Proteus,

Maybe you can help me. I have my smart on paper wallet for months. I have attempted to get a desktop wallet for over a month unsuccessfully. I deleted the entire desktop wallet to start from scratch, but I keep getting a message that the process is aborted.

I can still see my transaction in explorer 3 with my paper wallet address, but I cannot get smart onto desktop or web because there is no send or receive option on paper. What do I do?

Thanks for your help.


If you just want to use your SmartCash, you may consider importing your paper wallet to web-wallet. Web-wallet -> Settings -> Import

There you import your private key (typing manually) and give a new label name to your new imported address. Old version of web-wallet had a nice option to import address by scanning QR-code. I think this functionality will be added soon to a new web-wallet. I hope we see such an option in desktop wallet as well.

I wonder why you are having a problem with desktop wallet. Maybe antivirus software blocking it somehow. Try to install it as an administrator and run it as an administrator. Don’t know what else to suggest.