How To Vote On A SmartCash Proposal


In my previous post, I detailed how to Submit a SmartCash Proposal… In this Post I will show you how to Vote on a SmartCash proposal.

1. Go to

2. Click ‘View Proposal’ and read over the details of the proposal that interests you, and click ‘Cast Vote’ when ready.

3. Click the ‘Copy’ Icon to copy the Proposal Title to clipboard

4. Go to your SmartCash Wallet - select File - and select ‘Sign Message’

5. Paste the Proposal Title that you copied to clipboard in Step 3 into the Middle Box as shown and click ‘Sign Message’.

6. When the message has been signed a signature will be generated. You will need to select and copy this signature to clipboard.

7. Return to website and paste this signature into the signature section from Step 3. Also paste in your wallet address. Now Vote!

8. You will then be able to see that your vote has been successfully cast!

SmartHive Voting Changes

Nice guide! Folks will find it very useful.


thank you for writing this up. do you have to do this each time for separate addresses?


Currently yes, using copy and paste and having a hang of the steps helps alot but hopefully well be able to build an entire voting tab into the wallet in the future…


thank you, nice guide


a voting tab in the wallet would be an excellent feature. I currently have like 6 addresses spread out for saving, spending, and donating.


i can vote with web wallet?


Not yet, but soon, before it comes out of Beta for sure.


Great guide! Thanks! :+1: !


Great and useful information thank you.


thank you! very helpful.


Thank you very much. I did vote for my first time today. Very helpful


Translated in French :


Nice guide,with your permission i can translate to portuguese and post on the brazilian page of facebook. Thank You.


@GamBit.coin yes of course! Brigaduuu :slight_smile:


How can I sign using my web wallet. Is there a chance.


Not yet, this feature will be implemented on web wallet later


When vote with web wallet will be up ?


I don’t know when exactly, but roadmap shows that web wallet is almost ready to be fully functional:


It will be up soon. Devs are working on this feature and running tests atm. I believe this feature should be released in the next updates for our web-wallets. However more information will be available soon as we step closer towards that.