How To Vote On A SmartCash Proposal


thank you for writing this up. do you have to do this each time for separate addresses?


Currently yes, using copy and paste and having a hang of the steps helps alot but hopefully well be able to build an entire voting tab into the wallet in the future…


thank you, nice guide


a voting tab in the wallet would be an excellent feature. I currently have like 6 addresses spread out for saving, spending, and donating.


i can vote with web wallet?


Not yet, but soon, before it comes out of Beta for sure.


Great guide! Thanks! :+1: !


Great and useful information thank you.


thank you! very helpful.


Thank you very much. I did vote for my first time today. Very helpful


Translated in French :


Nice guide,with your permission i can translate to portuguese and post on the brazilian page of facebook. Thank You.


@GamBit.coin yes of course! Brigaduuu :slight_smile:


How can I sign using my web wallet. Is there a chance.


Not yet, this feature will be implemented on web wallet later


When vote with web wallet will be up ?


I don’t know when exactly, but roadmap shows that web wallet is almost ready to be fully functional:


It will be up soon. Devs are working on this feature and running tests atm. I believe this feature should be released in the next updates for our web-wallets. However more information will be available soon as we step closer towards that.


Thank you for putting this up @JuicyG


Thanks for the great guide! Is there any way to have to do this only once instead of all of our addresses? I have a bunch of 10k accounts for SmartNodes and it’s quite a pain in the derriere to cast votes for each address…