How To Vote On A SmartCash Proposal


Thank you for putting this up @JuicyG


Thanks for the great guide! Is there any way to have to do this only once instead of all of our addresses? I have a bunch of 10k accounts for SmartNodes and it’s quite a pain in the derriere to cast votes for each address…


Right now it work for each address. You can choose top address that have largest balance and cast votes with it


Is there any fee for voting? If I use my smartnode address which have exactly 10k smarts, will it affect my node?


In the proposal #405 Smartcash to sponsor a StartUp Grind event namely “Beyond Bitcoin” in johannesburg; the deadline was extended due to a change of status 24 hours before the end of voting. What does that mean please?:confused:


And now the voting extension was deleted before the announced new deadline. What is up with that? Who is playing these games?


Hello. I know not of what you refer, but saw this.
Maybe this happened?
How long is a proposal available for voting?
After the proposal is submitted it has 2 weeks to be voted by the community, after this deadline the votes are computed. If there is a change from yes to no or no to yes majority in the last 24 hours the proposal is extended 24hrs.