If you run a business or sell a service and accept SmartCash, let us know!


We’ll be slowly working on collecting this data and presenting it to the community in a very awesome format, so keep us in the loop if you or any other business you know of are accepting SmartCash.



I’d love to get the Domino’s Pizza I work at to accept it I’m working on informing our customers about it if they want to pay with smart cash I pay for their Pizza basically


I’m working as freelance writer and for me its possible to propose that form of paiement. I’m also working with a company owner and he wants to propose bitcoin paiement for his print company. I can propose him to accept also smartcash.


Hello guys i have a surf shop and a food restaurant who wants to join !! What would the first steps to make them legit ??


They both want to start selling products and food and accept smartcash … what can i do to help them and how can they collect properly ?


Teach them the basics of how to use the wallet, encourage holding (explain rewards) but also show them how to exchange SMART for the goods and services they need to run the business (even changing currencies), maybe get them a little stick for their door or window? And maybe find out if there’s a place that lists smartcash accepting businesses. Asking them if you can give them a shoutout here might be cool too, if they’re comfortable and it’s allowed.


Im a venezuelan entrepreneur and I have 2 bussineses: 1- App mobile for towing services (uber for towing services) and a retail copy center. We are seeking to accept cryptocurrencies on our companies. Im new at the community so I will do more research and soon you guys will know about us and our planes for adoption.


@alejem93 good luck all the best !


https://www.telescopeadapters.com is now accepting SmartCash ! :slight_smile:


https://meccamino.com.au/ is accepting SmartCash :slight_smile:
Meccamino is an Australia supplement store.


Thank you @massafiri, we already know about you :slight_smile:


Hi! I start accepting SmartCash from sunday. I sell hot sauce at at market in Mexico City.

I will add a webshop later when I get myself organized :smiley:


Hey @pest! Would be glad if you can provide me some infos about your business. email: azuuri@smartcash.cc.
Thank you!


I am happy to accept SmartCash directly through checkout using coinpayments


Specializing in Mining Hardware and Novelty Items: Risers, Rig Frames, T-Shirts, Flags, Coins & More

I ship worldwide. Email for DHL shipping rates.

(am I allowed to start a topic in this merchant part of the forum?)

I will be adding SmartCash T-shirts and Flags soon. (maybe today)



I have a friend who will be running a photography and videography business and I could have them integrate with SmartCash I imagine.


I am from India, I own a Business in Technology, I am ready to accept Smartcash as Payment. But not many people can get it directly, They have to buy Bitcoin at higher rates in India (More then 40% from Price in US) and then transfer them to exchange and then get Smartcash. If only we could make getting Smartcash directly using Fiat that would be awesome.


I do, via https://smartie.shop SmartCash Merchandise store.


Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and I wanted to tell you that I am the owner of a micro company dedicated to the Technical Service of Electronics and Computing in which I include sales of articles of the same branch, we are beginning to accept thise currency (Smart Cash) as payment method for the purchases of our clients , we are located in VENEZUELA, Portuguesa. Thank you


Hola, soy de Venezuela mi socio y yo desde hace más de 6 meses aceptamos Bitcoin, ahora decidimos apostar por una moneda nueva gracias al foro que hizo SmartCash Venezuela, así que hace unos dias anunciamos que aceptamos SmartCash por nuestros productos, tenemos una empresa llamada INVERSIONES GLOBAL 2407, C.A. con registro fiscal J410703083 dedicada a la venta de tecnología y gadgets, esta ubicada en el estado Bolivar - Puerto Ordaz pueden ver y seguir nuestras redes @global2407 Global 2407 Instagram

Hello, I am from Venezuela, my partner and I have been accepting Bitcoin for more than 6 months, now we decided to bet on a new currency, thanks to the forum that SmartCash Venezuela made, so a few days ago we announced that we accepted SmartCash for our products, we have a company called INVERSIONES GLOBAL 2407, CA with fiscal register J410703083 dedicated to the sale of technology and gadgets, is in the state of Bolívar - Puerto Ordaz can see and follow our networks @global2407 Global 2407 Instagram


i would also be interested in accepting sc in a local store i sell glas goods … i need hardware ?!