Illuminate the SmartCash Brand to Adoption-level Readiness



Who Am I?

• I am a 39-year-old male living in rural Ohio (US) outside of Cincinnati.
• I’ve been in Marketing and Advertising for almost 20 years.
• I’ve worked for a number of different ad agencies, both large and small
• I’ve worked on many different brands including national Proctor & Gamble brands like Bounty and Charmin.
• I’m currently a Senior Art Director at an Ad Agency
• My skills include (although not limited to): graphic design, illustration, strategy, branding, marketing & advertising, concept & execution.


  1. Focus, Define and Prioritize the Brand Messaging and Purpose for SmartCash.

  2. Elevate the Brand by creating a clean & consistent look (messaging & tone, colors, fonts & graphics) across all platforms, mediums and marketing. Ex. SmartPay app uses a Bluish Grey color instead of the neutral Black/Grey color used everywhere else. It looks good, but we should nail down the color pallet and stay consistent.

  3. Better communicate the SmartHive, Teams, Funding/Treasury and Voting aspects of SmartCash. There are a lot of misconceptions out there right now that we can clear up. Even people familiar with crypto and SmartCash are having trouble clearly understanding how these concepts actually work within SmartCash.

  4. Get the brand ready and positioned for mass adoption. Start to think about the people who aren’t familiar with crypto and how to target them.

  5. Elevate the User Experience online by making it easier to find the info you’re looking for, and the info you didn’t know you were looking for. For example; adding a “Start Accepting SmartCash” call-to-action button within the header of the site.

Just a Few Examples of User-Experience Issues:

  1. Currently, if a Business owner visits the site, and clicks on the “Businesses” tab, they’ll be taken off-site (same tab) to a site that “Finds Businesses Accepting SmartCash”. We just lost that Merchant. Now he has to click the back button once he realized this isn’t the content they were looking for.

  2. Another example; when you hover over the “SmartCard” tab, you see a drop-down for one item “The Other Side”, which takes you to a page that looks like spam. I was afraid to click. It’s a really awesome video, but I had to watch it 3 times before I figured out I could tap it to get “the other side” of the story. In fact, I just now figured it out because I’m doing a deep dive into the site that the average merchant or consumer won’t do. The video is bad-ass, but it needs to be more obvious how to interact with it, and the video should live within a SmartCash branded page.

  3. We should have a new tab open up when someone is clicking on a link that takes them off the site. That way, they’re able to quickly get back to the site.

Layout Samples I’ve Uploaded (These are to show you some of my ability and thinking. These are not final. This will be a process)

  1. Pre-Proposal Title page
  2. Homepage Sample Layout
  3. Homepage v2 – Less Community-targeted and more Retail-targeted
  4. Homepage – Full Scroll Layout
  5. The Hive page – Sample Layout
  6. Homepage Mobile Version
  7. Homepage Mobile Version – Full Scroll Layout
  8. Sitemap Sample


  1. Sitemap/Organization of the overall website

  2. Finished Layouts (Desktop & Mobile versions) of all pages for the website, ready to be sliced and programmed.

  3. Brand Standards Guide that anyone can access on the website so anyone creating Marketing Materials has a template or toolkit to start from.

  4. Create a Single-sentence Mission Statement/Brand Message/Purpose. (Example – “SmartCash. The Community Empowering Cryptocurrency Focused on Merchant-to-Consumer Adoption.”)

  5. Create a Tagline. Might be nice to create some options that we can test and have the Hive vote on. (Example – “Be Smart with Your Money.” “The Smart Way to Pay.” “The Smart Money.” or “Vote with Your Wallet.” Something simple and catchy, but also embodies the SmartCash mission. This can change as time goes on. For instance; we might want to target The Community for the time being, but in the near future, we will want to have a broader message to appeal to the masses.

Websites to be re-designed:


Other sites to be considered next:


*I also believe the apps should fall within the brand guidelines as well. As mentioned before, SmartPay is using a bluish black/grey instead of the neutral black/grey used everywhere else. And maybe we adopt the Bluish/Grey color on the websites and marketing materials. But, moving forward, it would be beneficial to have everything fall within the brand guidelines. Sometimes it’s being called “Instant Pay” but when you go to download the actual app, it’s named “SmartPay”. To keep it consistent and simple for the consumer, SmartPay should be the brand that both Merchant-side and Consumer-side apps fall under. So, SmartCard and SmartBand would be Consumer-side apps for SmartPay. And, “Instant Pay” doesn’t have the “Smart” branding, nor does it fully encapsulate what the app is capable of. Instant Payment is one feature. These are just a few of my thoughts on how to simplify things for the masses.

Requested Amount:

240,000 SMART for all deliverables listed above (and I’m willing to prove myself by putting the work in first without receiving any compensation)

Line Item from Deliverables:
#1-2. 200,000 SMART
#3. 20,000 SMART
#4-5. 20,000 SMART


Hard to put a timeline on this, but I would start immediately. It took a few days to create the examples I’ve attached. We should have multiple rounds of revisions and have the community and Teams input to create the most on-point content possible. We’ll need to go through each page with a fine-tooth comb to make sure everything is accurate, and that we are communicating everything as precisely as possible. This should be an ongoing process where we constantly evaluate the content and message we are putting out to the public, and making sure all new materials created by the different teams is as consistent as possible.

My SmartCash Experience:

I bought into SmartCash last year around October. I’ve been holding my SMART for Rewards ever since, and I’ve been running a Masternode since January. I’ve sold most of my “Alts” while holding SMART through the hard times. I have become emotionally attached to this project. I believe in this project, and I’m super impressed by what has already been accomplished and created. I believe SmartCash is poised to have a massive impact on the world and I would be humbled to be a part of it. I’ve not gotten involved yet with the Forums, but I’ve been a member on it and Discord for a while.


• Who will Program the site? - I’m assuming someone already within the Hive Team will implement the designs. The sites functionality have already been programmed. I’m proposing a “reskin” and “restructuring” of the site content. Yes, it will be a lot of work for someone. I’m hoping the community and teams can help me figure this out. It would be nice, in the future, to have a Marketing/Advertising Team that could work with the other Teams.


It’s time to get SmartCash ready for Mass Adoption. There are many misconceptions about the SmartCash governance system and Organizational structure. There are also many inconsistencies and splintering happening to the SmartCash brand (because of the decentralized nature) that will only confuse the Merchant and Consumer unfamiliar with crypto who comes to any of the websites to research SmartCash. We need to be ready for them, make it easy and simple for them to understand, lowering the barrier of entry.

Let me know what you guys think. I’m a big boy, I can take it. Appreciate your input.


I suggest you put the Requested amount in USD, that´s the way they will pay you if it´s aproved. They will pay you whith SmartCash with the USD/SmartCash price of the pay day.

I like your proposal, your designe and your ideas.


Let me add that a lot of these things are just suggestions that the team could pick and choose from to implement. And some of the things I’ve laid out, I believe, should be implemented right away without waiting for a redesign. My goal is to find a way to get involved. I probably can’t stop until I’ve redesigned the whole site. And then I’ll probably layout a brochure, a postcard, and banner ads. And a billboard would be cool. Posters, banners, merch’ and anything else someone might need to promote SmartCash. All of these things could be nicely packaged into a Marketing Toolkit that people can download from the website.

I can share things as I create them. People can comment, and I’ll take every last word into consideration because I’m still trying to wrap my head around all the intricacies of SmartCash.

Is a proposal the best way to approach this? I’m not sure. This is just how I’m trying to get involved.



Thank for your input, just thinking kind of task should be done by hive team member or community member


I think this is better branding for print collateral.

Regarding the website, yes it needs a refresh. There is a team currently designing the Bitcoin Confidential website and once they are done with that in the next few weeks they will move to the SmartCash website.

There may be some significant design changes and bring it closer to the aesthetic of

So as far as website design this will be done by the SmartHive web team.