I'm tired of these technical issues


For weeks now, the technical issues surrounding the US mining pool have been growing. For days now the pool has been without any information or updates. for the past 36 hours the pool website and dashboard have been inaccessible altogether.

I have a lot of understanding for technical glitches, but the fact that the Smartcash guys do not even deem it relevant enough to put out a proper statement explaining the problems or temporary solution is simply not acceptable to me. At the very least they should provide regular updates to let people know how things are going, when we can expect the pool to go back to normal again, etc.

Smartcash had a lot good things going for it but I think I’m done with it. This has become a slap in the face and an insult to every miner.


Sorry for your inconvenience, dev are very busy with the mining pools. Can you monitor your rig and change the pool when you get issue. We have unofficial pool now in case you want to try, it not have a lot statistic but it working ok now



I agree with you. This is, frankly, unacceptable. I’m really disappointed with the way this has been handled.

The pool’s site has been intermittent now for the past 4 days and completely unreachable for the past 2+ days. For an “official” pool, this is just astounding. No announcement on the forums, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

At the moment, I have no way to know if my hash power is being accurately accounted for. What’s the status of my pending SMART? At the very least, communicate with us. We understand technical issues are a fact of life. However, let us miners know what the situation is and when we can expect it to be resolved.

As it stands, this lackluster response on the part of SmartCash screams that they don’t give much priority to their mining base. Actions speak much louder than (nonexistent) words.

At this point, I’m ready to call it quits.


I hear you. What really bothers me too is the complete lack of communication. Even the response above did not even address the actual concern, as to what is going on, how long it may take to fix and what is happening to the work being done by our miners. Is the pool itself working or am I sending all my work units into a black hole?

It is altogether very unprofessional and very unsatisfying. I’m ready to move to a different coin for mining, I just have to find something worthwhile. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.


https://pool-us.smartcash.cc/ is still inaccessible.

I’m not even sure that was an official reply above. It looks like a private pool to me.

I’m amazed that the SMART staff cannot be bothered to make a simple post anywhere advising SMART’s mining community of the situation. However, it’s not entirely surprising, given that miners are awarded such a small portion (5%) of SMART’s block rewards. Regardless, you’d think a decentralized, blockchain-dependent coin would treat their miners with some respect? We’re not asking for the world here or an overnight fix. Just a simple explanation, or even better, a timeline for restoration of service.


I feel you. With the recent growth of interest and community, there’s a lot of things to handle and it shows (that is also why a communication task force is being created, Let’s create a Communication Task Force).

Did you guys go and ask for info on Discord? It is the best place to get an answer now.