Important: Mandatory update to v1.0.2


Dear SmartCash Community:
Please update to version 1.0.2., this is a mandatory update so make sure you upgrade before transacting!

With version 1.0.2 we also introduce a number of performance improvements including lower fees and the ability to better handle transactions with multiple inputs.
Find the current wallet version at:

Mining Pools:
Our EU, US and Asia Mining pools are online.

Notifying Exchanges and Advice to Users:
We have taken every measure in informing all exchanges using SmartCash to upgrade to the latest 1.0.2 software. We would strongly advice you to refrain for sending any Smart to any exchanges until they upgrade their nodes. Please stay tuned we will keep you informed you as soon as exchanges have upgraded.

WebWallet Back Online:
The SmartCash Online Web Wallet is currently offline and is currently being tested.
We would like to thank you again for your support and patience during this time.
Please stay tuned for more updates from the SmartCash Team.

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For the non-techie dummies like me, can we get a written tutorial for a pre 1.0.0 wallet upgrade?


Great work! Thank you for the quick update.


For windows user just download wallet here

extract and click right version for your OS to do install



Thank you for the fix. :raised_hands:


I don’t have to delete anything? that’s why I steered clear from the 1.0.0 update as it looked like I had to delete files first. if its simply a plug and play patch, that’s cool. I just want to confirm


Is there a blockchain boostrap ? Having to sync 22 weeks is a long porcess…


A bootstrap for the new wallet (v. 1.0.1) is available on Discord.



From Proteus

Link in google driver :


Made the payout to my wallet (SRAyEZfwD8ry3Pj4P8rh7ZkHEbXghDeAa8) ver. 1.0.1 more than 4 hour ago. Transaction status is confirmed. But there’s no money in the wallet. Can you check what is the problem?


Guys, all these wallet updates are confusing. I am on a MAc and just upgraded to V 1.0.0 and that was so difficult, finding files, deleting files ect it really gave me a headache wondering if I could loose all my coins if I made a mistake.

How do I update to this latest version with a Mac?

Is this going to be a weekly thing having to update the wallet?

Does this required 3 days of syncing the blockchain AGAIN?

If im tired of dealing with all these updates and want to move my Smartcash to the webwallet how do I do this without missing out on Smart Rewards? Is there a specific day i should move the coins on?



  1. Here are guide to update to V1.0.1

  2. we don’t want to update weekly

  3. From v1.0.0 to v.10.1 it take time and we recommend you to used bootstrap file, but next version when you update from v1.0.1 to v1.0.2 you don’t have to delete file just overwrite


Thanks dev team for the great effort!


These updates are a nightmare guys! It is really stressfull and annoying to be trying to update this stuff, having no idea what is going on and if Im going to loose all my coins.

The instructions say:
For Mac users this is found in ~/Library/Application Support/smartcash/
Oper finder ==> Press combine: Shift +Command+G==> input ~/Library/Application Support/smartcash

I get the following error: “The folder can’t be found”

So what should I do now? Its like the instructions are not very good either…

How can i avoid all these stupid wallet updates and move my coins to a web wallet without missing a month of rewards?

This seriously is a annoyance!


@1acid you can try this guide to backup your wallet.dat and your private key

After that you can import your private key to web wallet and DONE

P/s: just add some screenshot to the guide hope you can easy understand


Can I just copy the wallet.dat file (backup), delete the old wallet software, install v1.0.2, and override the wallet.dat file? Would this be safe enough if I have several copies of wallet.dat by my hand?


you should follow the guide line